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This is the MG-E1, aka the first electric MG

Published August 12, 2011

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The Roewe E1 concept car was unveiled at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show where it stood rather forlorn and lonely looking a few steps away from the rest of the mighty Roewe stand, a few weeks ago when we were talking with SAIC PR regarding the MG3 test it was mentioned that the E1 would go into production in 2012, what they didnt mention was that the E1 was now an MG

The overall design of the original concept seems to be largely still in place, but the interior has been given a make over to make it less Jetsons and more usable. The E1 is essentially a three door four seater EV which has a top speed of 120kph and a max range of 135km in a single charge thanks to its lithium based batteries, the downside is that the E1 is no sports car with a o to 100 time of 16 seconds, but at least it will charge up fast: 30 minutes will see it reach 80% capacity.




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