This Sublime 1970 Pro Touring Chevelle Serves as a Company Car

Published June 27, 2016

Nick and Josh Martorano have done a great job at restoring this 1970 Pro Touring Chevelle, there’s no denying that. In fact, it’s more than just a great job which is proven by Chevelle’s appearance at the GFG Wheels booth at SEMA. The reason for this resto mod build, however, was rather uncommon. Father and son are in contracting business at In Motion Builders, and you’re looking at their new company car. Not your typical fleet car, isn’t it?


Pro Touring Chevelle was acquired by another father and son duo which started restoring it in the late nineties. Son was Josh’s long time friend, but when his father passed away unexpectedly, the son lost his interest in completing the car. That is until Martoranos took the project over in 2005 and started with the resto modding in 2007.


Nick and Josh knew they’ll require a lot of help in order to fully restore the car, so they first contacted Jeremy Miranda of Miranda Built in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – new shop at the time. Although other people were involved in the project, Chevelle spent most of its time here, and it turns out it was a smart move given the end result. But we’ll come to that later.


Jeremy started off with the chassis which he smoothed out to perfection. Front suspension is made out of Savitske Classic & Custom upper control arms, RideTech tubular lower ones, and RideTech ShockWaves in the middle of this mechanical sandwich. Out back is Currie 9-inch rear end with another set of ShockWaves control arms. Front wheels are 20×8.5 GFG Baghdad’s, while rear units are 22×10 ones. All four, though, are wrapped in Nitto tires, and have Wilwood six-piston calipers with 13-inch rotors hiding behind them.


Under the hood, there’s a good old, yet modern LS2, even though Martorano’s first thought of going the ZZ 572 big-block crate engine’s way. 6.0L unit delivers more than plentiful 540 hp and 520 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels, mainly thanks to 122ci MagnaCharger. Chevelle’s engine bay is as meticulously built as the exterior of the car. Most of it is aluminum-made, while Hooker headers for instance, are ceramic-coated. 4L80E transmission built by Gary’s Transmission in Pompano Beach, Florida is responsible for gear changing, and is controlled by Retrotek Speed pushbutton shifter.


As for the paint job, this is the work of EROD Customs, and their man Eddie Rodriguez, while flames are courtesy of Bones Design Custom Paint and Graphics. All this was set up by Miranda Built’s, Mike Gonzalez who streamlined the sheetmetal to perfection although having lost one arm in a motorcycle accident. Finally, the interior features Tommy Nast Custom Upholstery-installed Corbeau seats which match the rest of the gut thanks to their dark gray gradient. Dashboard was assembled by  Clint Jack from The Shop in Pompano Beach, Florida. It features Auto Meter Cobalt gauges and plush gray two-tone accents. Cockpit of this Pro Touring Chevelle was finished by Alpine stereo and the Vintage Air A/C systems.


The end result combined by the number of mentioned shops gave Nick and Josh Martorano one sweet ride. Their 1970 Chevelle is one of the best company cars around, and rightfully so. I bet they don’t let other employees drive it, though.


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