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Three Car Repairs That You Can Do at Home

Updated September 28, 2013

Cars are expensive investments. As they age, there are dozens – if not hundreds – of parts in the average automobile that will require tuning and replacing. If you took your car to the mechanic for every little glitch it had, it could potentially cost you a fortune in the long run. So why spend the extra cash when you can do it yourself? To avoid any unnecessary costs, here are three car repairs you can do yourself at home with but a few tools available in most automotive stores.

Replace that Busted Headlight

Replacing a broken headlight on an automobile is probably the most simple task a beginner can handle, and yet people never seem to deal with this on their own! Why pay up to four times the amount on replacing a bulb by a mechanic and a traffic ticket for no headlights? Simply locate your bulb on the internet or at a local automotive store (an attendant will most probably be able to help you) and prop open the headlight hub. Remove the wiring harness (plastic, metal, screw), and replace the broken bulb. Easy.

Changing your Air Filter

Air filters that are clogged cay impede the performance of your automobile. A clogged air filter may create the unfortunate result of reducing gas mileage, or lessen the power of your engine. While the horsepower of a car may not seem like a big deal, spending more on gas unnecessarily in today’s rising gas prices may become one. Changing a clogged air filter is probably the second easiest task a beginner can try doing at home. Simply pop open the hood, find the filter housing and replace the filter (after taking out a few nuts of course) with a brand new one. This should take less than $20 and ten to twenty minutes of your time.

Fixing your Battery Connectors

Have you ever wondered why your car may have stopped in the middle of the road? It might be because your battery posts haven’t been cleaned in ages. Moisture around an automobile’s battery creates corrosion – a white residue that builds up around the battery posts. When enough of it builds up, the battery becomes unable to connect with the rest of your car, leading to a stall or complete halt. Be sure to clean your battery posts on a regular basis to prevent this from occurring. Simply buy one of the hundreds of battery corrosion products out there, take out the battery from under your car’s hood, apply the product, and clean the battery posts with a wire brush. While these three easy tune-ups may not seem like much, little steps such as these may save you from a financial headache. Be sure to keep up the routine checkups in your own garage before unnecessary spending at the local mechanic.

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