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Tips On Purchasing A Used Luxury Sedan

Updated November 22, 2013

Purchasing a used car regardless of whether you have done it before can be a daunting task. It becomes even more daunting when you are planning on buying a second hand luxury sedan that is a little more costly than the average used car.
But there is no need to worry too much as there a number of little known ways that make buying a used luxury sedan an easy task. Read on if you want to find out what they are, along with reading more at

Take An Experienced Friend

The first rule of thumb is to take an experienced friend with you if possible. This is because as the saying goes “a problem shared is a problem halved”. Purchasing a luxury sedan will become a lot more easier if you have some that knows exactly what they are doing with you. They can give you a second opinion and look out for things that you might of missed yourself.

Compare Offers

Before committing to buying a used luxury sedan you should always check what other offers there are and compare them. Do an internet search and look in car trading magazines in order to build up a picture of the average price that you should be expecting to pay. Doing this will allow you to develop a greater understanding about what sort of factors affect prices and will stop you from getting ripped off.

Check The Paint Job

This is one of the first things that you should do when looking at a luxury sedan. Make sure that the car is in good light and isn’t in the dark, this will make spotting things like rust or a section of different coloured paint more easy. If there is any rust you should reject the car straight away. Different sections of paint aren’t always a bad thing there could have just been a chip or a scratch but you should always ask the owner just to be certain.

Check The Mileage

Checking the mileage is a fundamental step you should take. The average car does between 10,000 and 15,000 miles a year but this depends on a number of factors so could fluctuate massively. Use this estimate as a guide as the more miles a car has done the more problems tend to crop up. If a car has done an excessive amount of miles but the price is still the average you can use it as bargaining power.

Do A Thorough Check Of The Inside

Doing this is crucial as the car can’t be considered a luxury sedan if there are stains and rips in the carpets and half of the things on the dashboard don’t function correctly. Really make sure that your check is thorough as problems may have been covered up by the seller pretty well. The last thing you want to do is buy the car only to realise later on that there are loads of things wrong with it.  Whilst you are inside the car you should also use this opportunity to test out that all the lights work correctly.

Take It For A Test Drive

It is no use purchasing a luxury sedan based purely on looks, you need to make sure that it runs well. Take the car for a test drive paying close attention to the lights on the dashboard, any strange noises coming from the engine and any issues with the brakes, accelerator or clutch.

Check All Documentation

Before making a final decision you should check all the documentation that comes with the car to make sure it all checks out. This should include things such as the tax and repair history. If something doesn’t seem right to you always make sure that you check it out.
Following these tips will make purchasing a used luxury sedan a pretty easy task. Just make sure that you pay close attention to everything and don’t be shy with asking the seller any questions that you may have.




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