Top 10 Cars For Collecting Speeding Ticket: They’re Not What You Think (Not Even Close)

Published May 9, 2015

On a percentage basis you’d assume Porsche and Ferrari would head the list of cars most frequently ticketed but this survey provides some surprising results.

Incidentally, the average for all makes and models of cars was 19.9 percent.

10. Mazda Mazda2


Here’s a real puzzler. For this tiny little car, 28.1% of its drivers reported a speed violation. The car has only 100 HP. There are garden tractors with more power than that. The only possible explanation I can come up with is that Mazda2 owners frequently live at the tops of tall hills, receiving a gravity assist as they drive down.

9: Toyota FJ Cruiser


OK, at least the Tonka Toy version of Toyota’s classic FJ has 260 HP, but the thing has the aerodynamics of a stop sign. Still 28.4% of FJ Cruiser drivers reported a speeding violation.
8: Scion tC


The Scion tC is the sport coupe model from Toyota’s youth oriented brand. The car has been accused of being more “show” than “go” but apparently there’s plenty of “Go” for the 28.8% of Scion tC drivers who reported receiving a speeding ticket.

7: Mercury Topaz

Mercury_Topaz_Sedan_1984Okay, you got me on this one. If you’re not familiar with the Mercury Topaz (and there’s no reason you should), it’s the twin to the Ford Tempo, built from 1984 until 1994. The Ford version outsold the Mercury version something like four-to-one, so the fact than any Topaz are left on the road to receive a ticket amazes me, yet 28.8% of drivers report speed violations.
6: Volkswagen Rabbit


I’m not sure how someone could be stopped by the police driving a Volkswagen Rabbit. The car is about as innocuous as they come and on a sunny day could easily be mistaken for the shadow coming off a Chevy Suburban. And yet, 29.6% of Rabbit drivers report they’ve received a speeding citation.

5: Subaru Tribeca


My only theory here is that the drivers are in such a hurry to get home and not be seen driving a Subaru Tribeca (the only SUV named after a neighborhood in Manhattan) that 29.7% of drivers managed to collect tickets during their run to freedom.

4. Toyota Supra

I believe it’s the overwhelming power of the media that caused 30.8% of Supra drivers to exceed the speed limit and receive a traffic citation, your honor.

3: Scion FR-S


It appears to me that there’s a Scion-Toyota-Subaru pattern going on here. Owners of the Scion FR-S report that 32.6% of them have collected speeding tickets, as the cops have somehow missed the Subaru BRZs speeding by.

2: Pontiac GTO


Perhaps one of the reasons that not only is there no longer a Pontiac GTO (or even a Pontiac) is that dealers only sold these cars to people who promised to drive above the speed limit on a regular basis as a guerrilla marketing exercise. How else do you explain 32.7% of GTO drivers reporting violations?
1: Subaru WRX


Okay, wrap your head around this: One out of every three (33.6%) drivers of a Subaru WRX have received a speeding ticket while cruising in their Subie. The question is: what excuse do the other 66.4% of you have?




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