Top 10 Eco-Friendly Cars Of Year 2012

Updated September 11, 2013

Feeling to contribute to the blue planet? Or it’s just that you love doing things the eco-friendly way? Driving cars is one of the concerning area that affects our environment a lot. Since the evolution of automobile and man-making the use of it for measuring distances faster and in a better way, a lot of pollution has been created by them.

Now people are turning and opting for the eco-friendly rides because they are in trend and moreover these cars help in saving the environment around. This year is at its best in serving to the customers the eco-friendly cars. Not neglecting the factors like fuel economy and drivability these are the top 10 eco-friendly cars of year 2012:


1. Ford Fusion Hybrid

Ford Fusion Hybrid has an impressive mileage of 47 miles per gallon in pure electric mode. You get an option to switch between electric power and gas in it. It is one of the best contenders in the list of eco-friendly cars of this year. The performance of the car is smooth with sharp interiors to comfort your body and mind.

2. 2012 Honda Insight EX

This car is upgraded with styling cues and a better, improved navigation system. 2012 Honda Insight EX has thicker noise suppression mechanism and it comes with the 98- Horsepower engine. It is a quite car besides being a great eco-friendly driving option. It is available in a price range of $23,540.


3. Toyota Prius V

Starting from a price tag of $26,400, Toyota Prius v has anemic acceleration and you can easily select power mode form the 3 driving models that are available. The interiors of this car are superb as it ensures noise reduction. Some more features are like auto engine turning off when on traffic signal.


4. Chevrolet Volt

Starting just above $39,145, the Chevrolet Volt is a beautiful eco friendly car that you can take in possession. It is all-electric and rides smooth and quite. It has got five star rating from the Feds. It also comes with 300 mile range.

5. Mitsubishi I

A very stable and promising green car is what you will call Mitsubishi i. It can run for 75 miles on a full 12 hour charging. Those who like to have a full EV for themselves rather than having a gas/electric hybrid would definitely like this small and efficient car.

6. Ford Focus Electric

This is first fully electric passenger car by Ford. It defines as a car build for sharper handling and refined ride. Ford features MyFordMobile app with which the users of this car can access and locate the charging stations. You can also monitor the car using this app.

7. Nissan Leaf

With a top-speed of 90 miles per hour Nissan leaf can be your owned eco-friendly car at prices starting from $35,200. It has solid braking system to ensure safety for the city rides. This is an eco-friendly car that a metropolitan customer must but to have hassle free driving in addition to green factor that the Leaf comes with.

8. Honda Civic Natural Gas

Honda Civic Natural Gas has been named as the 2012 Green Car of the year. It is a green car that offers pleasurable driving. It has shortened wheelbase with seamless five speed gearbox that lets you enjoy the smooth riding.

9. VW Passat TDI

Like Honda Civic Natural Gas, VW Passat TDI is powered by clean natural fuel and is perfect as a city car. Besides that it offers smooth driving on road and gives quiet experience for the passengers.

10. Lexus CT 200h

Similar to Prius in its design this car comes in surprising sport mode. The sports mode makes the steering sharp and adds a punch to throttle. This ensures greater efficiency for the fun green ride.

Nancy Rorie is a blogger from New Jersey who just love cars. He is also a eco-friendly person who always use led stripe lights, eco-friendly products in his home and office.



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