Top 10 Fun New Cars Under $40,000

These Are The Best Fun Cars 2016 Has To Offer!

Updated November 18, 2018

Even if you are on a budget, you deserve a good car. We have compiled a list of ten cars that are the best deals in the market for the moment. The prices are great, but what’s even better, are the awesome features these cars offer.

We have a great variety of designs you can choose from. The Mazda Miata will definitely make a statement. If you love color, we got you covered too. The perfect car for you is the Dodge Challenger. Models such as the Volkswagen GTI are also a good choice.

Those who are more interested in speed will love the Chevrolet Camaro and the 292-horsepower Golf R. Even in this range of small cars, some of them offer ample space, an example being the Dodge Challenger’s four door version. We hope this list will be helpful for you.

Bests Fun Cars Under $40,000!

10. Ford Fiesta – $20,970

Ford Fiesta - $20,970

The Fiat 500 Abarth makes a louder noise, but the Ford Fiesta ST is the king of small, inexpensive fun. We can guarantee you that you will not find any new car on the market for the price that is this fun to drive.

9. Volkswagen GTI – $25,595

Volkswagen GTI - $25,595

It has been a hot car in the market for years and is more refined than ever before.We recommend the Volkswagen GTI Sport, but if you want even more horsepower and all-wheel drive, then the 292-horsepower Golf R is perfect for you.

8. Mazda Miata – $25,750

Mazda Miata - $25,750

It’s not a surprise that the Mazda Miata made it to the list. How could it not? The list of fun cars would be incomplete without it. We agree that it’s a cliché now, but for a good reason. The Miata is light, simple, and very fun to drive.

7. Toyota 86 -$27,120

Toyota 86 -$27,120

We are glad that FR-S survived the death of Scion. The downside is that it didn’t get a turbocharged version. However, its outstanding handling and affordable price has made it a performance bargain. We recommend the manual transmission which has a Toyota badge on the hood, adding another five horsepower.

6. BMW 230i -$33,150

BMW 230i -$33,150

When the 228i was given a few extra horsepower, the BMW 230i was born. When equipped with the Track Handling Package, the 230i will be just as fun as its predecessor. You’ll, however, have a hard time beating the M2 which is faster.

5. Ford Mustang GT -$33,295

Ford Mustang GT -$33,295

This is the Mustang that you really want. We want to save you the trouble of having to equip the other less expensive Mustangs to be a blast. This model is equipped with Performance Pack. It’s not just average. It’s a one in a million deal for a Mustang.

4. Subaru WRX STI – $35,195

Subaru WRX STI - $35,195

When compared to a lot of other cars that go at this price, the Subaru WRX STI offers less power. But this will worry you less once you take it down a winding back road. The less powerful WRX is a great performance bargain, but the STI is recommended if you have the budget for it.

3. Ford Focus RS – $36,605

Ford Focus RS - $36,605

With 350 horsepower and torque vectoring all-wheel drive, it’s a ridiculously fast car. Although drift mode has gotten a lot of attention, we cannot forget how incredibly fast Focus RS is on the track.

2. Chevrolet Camaro SS – $37,295

Chevrolet Camaro SS - $37,295

Describing the Chevrolet Camaro poses quite a challenge. We, therefore, refer to our earlier sentiments in our first drive; “It’s very, very good. Very good. Damn good.” It boasts of more potential power than the Corvette. Even more importantly, it was a clear winner in our last head-to-head comparison of it and the Ford Mustang GT.

1. Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack – $38,995

Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack - $38,995

If you need a crazy amount of horsepower, then this is the car for you. It offers 485 horsepower, how about that? For more space, we recommend the four-door version, the Dodge Charger Scat Pack. It is not nearly as athletic as the new Camaro or the Mustang, but it makes up for this with its extremely wild colors.




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