Top 10 Most Searched Sports Cars on Google (#8 Surprised Us)

Updated May 21, 2018

While your definition of a sports car may differ from Google’s, you’ll have to admit there are some surprises on this list, including a long dead muscle car.

This is really just for fun as I wouldn’t put too much stock in these numbers. When looking at trending car models, the Lamborghini Huracán was at the top. But upon further inspection, the searches came almost entirely from Texas on the day the Hurricane (huracán in Spanish) Patricia made landfall in Mexico. So take this all with one, no two, grains of salt.



10 – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, also known as the Lancer Evo or just Evo, is a high performance sports sedan with its roots and reputation firmly based in the arena of rallying. Despite 2015 being the last model year for the must-loved Evo, it continues to generate interest among enthusiasts. For this past month it peaked at number five, and was the 10th most popular search. It has spent 128 straight months in the top 10.



9 – Toyota 86
The 86 is a series of sports cars jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru and solely manufactured by the latter, sold in the United States as a Scion and a Toyota in the rest of the world, and as a Subaru globally. Despite encouraging initial sales the 86 twins have lost ground and may be doomed within a year or so. Again, despite the lack of enthusiasm in the showroom, there’s plenty online as the “86” ranked ninth most popular (same as last month), with a peak at number four. The search term has spent the previous 38 months in top 10.



8 – Pontiac Firebird
Despite being dead for 14 years, interest remains high for the Pontiac Firebird. Enthusiasts eagerly pick up on news that a Pontiac Firebird might be resurrected on GM’s Alpha platform (as is the current Camaro). It dropped one spot from last month, but did peak at number six, and has spent 12 months in the top 10.



7 – BMW M3
The M3 was the very first M model produced by BMW Motorsports (now BMW M) way back in 1985. With five generations of M3, a solid club base, and many enthusiasts interested in each of the different generations, it’s not surprising to find the relatively low-production BMW on this list. The BMW M3 has picked up one position in search results since last month, peaked at number four, and has spent an incredible 141 months in the top 10 (that’s 11 years, 9 months).



6 – Nissan GT-R
The Nissan GT-R is a 2-door 2+2 sports coupe produced by Nissan and unveiled in 2007 with the R35 designation (and dropping the Skyline brand that had long accompanied the GT-R). While this was the first GT-R to hit American shores  en masse, the line goes back to  the 1969 model year in Japan. Its rank is the same as last month, peaked at number 4, and has spent 49 months in the top 10.



5 – Dodge Challenger
When one hears the name Dodge Challenger, one almost immediately thinks of the 70 hp Hellcat version, or the shaker-hood equipped 392 Hemi V8 version now in showrooms. From the perspective of Google, the Dodge Challenger of 1970 – 1974 is lumped in together, as well as the Mitsubishi coupe sold by Dodge dealers with the Challenger nameplate from 1978 – 1983. It ranks the same as last month, peaked at number four, and has been in the top 10 for the last 12 months.



4 – Dodge Charger
Much the same as the Challenger, the Dodge Charger search term encompasses all generations of the model (1966-1978 as RWD, 1981.5 – 1987 as FWD, and from 2007 on as RWD and AWD). Its rank is the same as last month, also peaked at number 4 this month, and has spent 12 months in the top 10.



3 – Chevrolet Corvette
No surprise that “America’s Sports Car” would rank high in search results. It’s probably the most aspirational car in American and has been since its introduction in 1953. The Chevrolet Corvette has achieved the same rank as last month, peaked at #1 for the month, and has spent 142 months in the top 10, one month longer than the M3.



2 – Chevrolet Camaro
The Chevrolet Camaro was the response by GM to the overwhelming success of the Ford Mustang. So much so that the company rushed into the production the 1967 built on the platform planned for the 1968 Nova. Unlike the Ford Mustang, the Chevrolet Camaro does not have a history of continuous production, with no Camaros produced between  2003 and 2009 model years. The Camaro held the same position as last month, peaking at number one, and continuing its run in the top 10 at 142 months (same as Corvette and Mustang).



1 – Ford Mustang
The original Pony Car that upon its introduction enthused a generation and prompted a number of competitors. Mustangs remain incredibly popular, whether its an enthusiast restoring an early model or a racer building a Ford Mustang for competition. The Mustang has the same rank as last month, which of course is first, as is its peak for the month (naturally) and shares the record for months in the top 10 with the Corvette and the Camaro.





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