SSC Ultimate Aero TT 2010

Top 10 Worlds Fastest Cars

Updated January 20, 2013

10th                               Ascari A10  2007

Ascari A10 is the 10th Fastest Car

Top speed : 346 km/h (215 mph)

Acceleration (0-100km/h,0–62 mph): 2.8

Other: On our list of Fast cars nr.10 is ranked Ascari A10 that is a British manufactured Ascari Cars hand-built super car, which was presented at the Birmingham-MPH’06 Auto Show in November 2006. The manufacturer argued that it was back then the fastest street use suitable production car. The car is designed and handmade in England, Banbury. It has a carbon fiber body, which makes the car weighs about 1 200 kg. Acceleration 0-60 mph (0-96 km / h) takes 2.8 seconds and 0-100 mph (0-160 km / h) less than 6 seconds. Price is approximately £350,000  (US$650,000) each.


9th                                           SSC Ultimate Aero TT  2010

Top speed: 412.233 km / h (256.15 mph)

SSC Ultimate Aero TT  2010

Acceleration (0-100km/h,0–62 mph):  2.78

Other:SSC Ultimate Aero TT is the US-produced by Shelby Supercars. Ultimate Aero was made to break Bugatti Veyron speed world record with mass production car. Ultimate Aero did it in West Richland on 13 September in 2007 on the piece of closed road. Medium speed with was 412.233 km / h (256.15 mph). Guinness World Records verified the results of 9 October 2007. The car was the world’s fastest series-produced car with top-speed of 412 km / h .Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport took over the title 06.04.2010 driving a new official record of 431.072 km / h


8th                                         Porsche 911 Turbo S  2011


Porsche 911 Turbo S  2011
Top speed: 315 km/h (195 mph)

Acceleration (0-100km/h,0–62 mph):  2.7

Other:Porsche 911 Turbo S is a German response to competition in car performance. It takes only 2.8 seconds, this power package, accelerating to 100 km / h. The factory reported a top speed of 315 km / h. Horsepower under the hood can be found in a whopping 530!
7th                                                              Ultima GTR

Ultima GTR


Top speed: 370 km/h (231mph)

Acceleration (0-100km/h,0–62  mph): 2.6

Other:Ultima GTR is a sports car manufactured by Ultima Sports Ltd. from England. The car is sold as a kit with the buyer’s choice of engine, but can also be purchased complete from the factory. The manufacturer recommends that a Chevy small block V8 used. The car’s design is similar to the Porsche 917th
6th                                                   Orca SC7


Orca SC7 top 10 Fastest Cars
Top speed: 400km/h (248 mph)


Acceleration (0-100km/h,0–62 mph):  2.6


Other: Only 7 Ocra SC7 has been produced. This fast car has been designed around audi twin turbo engine and has been manufactured company called Orca Engineering. In order to keep minimum weight Orca’s engineers have used light-weight material like carbon fiber to keep the weight at minimum that’s why car only weights 850 kg


5th                                                     Caparo T1

Top speed: 330 km/h (205 mph)

Acceleration (0-100km/h,0–62 mph):  2.5 seconds

Other: This beast is ranked at nr 5 on our fastest cars list and has been manufactured from light weighted composite material and that makes car’s total weight only  weight is  470 kilograms (1,000 lb). Capro is first serial produced car which power to weight ratio is even 1000 hp (1045 bhp) / 1000 kg, this is one of the best power ratio ever.Capro has been designed same engineers who designed Mclaren F1.


4th                                                Bugatti veyron

Top speed: 408.47 km/h (253.81 mph)

Acceleration (0-100km/h,0–62 mph): 2.5

Other: “Cheaper” version of the worlds  fastest car, only 1.6 million usd. Car consumes fuel driving top speed 112 l/100 km so car’s 100l gas tank is empty only in 12 minutes. Every Bugatti Veyron is hand made and there have been made some unique customization for some millionaires. You might say that Bugatti Veyron is more a sample from VW-Group engineers and image question than a product that should make profit, because it has been estimated that car’s production expenses including development fees is £2 000 000 per car.
3rd                                                     Ariel Atom
Top speed: 249 km/h (155 mph)

Acceleration (0-100km/h,0–62  mph): 2.5

Other: Ariel atom 500 is next generation car from basic ariel atom model, Arial claims that it can go 0-60 mph in less than 2.3 sec. and in January 2011 Ariel atom 500 made new lap record around Top Gears test track making it fastest road-legal car to go around the track. This fast car was designed by Nik Smart as studen project.
2nd                                                   Hennessey Venom GT

Top speed: 430 km/h (267 mph)

Acceleration (0-100km/h,0–62  mph):  2.5

Other: As of 27 March 2011,only 3 Venom GT’s have been manufactured and Production of this fine car is limited to 10 car per year. Price range for this car is 600,000 USD – 725,000 USD. If you think buying this car you might want to know that Venom Gt buyer will be offered 1-day driver orientation at track with Henneseys test driver to get use to this fast car


1st The most fastest car is  Bugatti Veyron Super Sport 
Top speed: 431.072 km/h  (267.856 mph)

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is Worlds Fastest Car

Acceleration (0-100km/h,0–62 mph):  2.4

Other: Fastest road legal car man has build cost approximately 2.5 million usd. Bugatti Veyron SS top speed making it also not just fastest car by acceleration but also with top speed to be the fastest road legal car in production



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