Top 12 Hottest Cars of 2017

Published August 2, 2016

An abundance of new arrivals awaits the world of cars as 2017 approaches. We produced a list including 12 of the very best to keep us occupied as we impatiently await their debut. We take a look at the power and performance of them individually, while highlighting additional features that impressed or excited us. There is something for everyone within this list of hottest 2017 vehicles. For those who are not speed obsessed there is the Fiat 124 Spider which instantly represents a classic feel, ideal for those who like to be stylish. The environmentally-friendly amongst us are in for a treat with two cars you will be immediately drawn towards. And for the rest of us, and probably the majority, there are of course plenty of new cars to satisfy our need for speed. The Lexus LC and the Aston-Martin DB11 have everything you could possibly want, but don’t worry, we’ve also included some affordable and realistic options that provide a driving experience to remember.


  1. Alfa Romeo Giulia


Alfa Romeo is proudly increasing its current range of cars, with the addition of the 2017 Giulia sedan. With its sleek and stylish bodywork, a 2.0 liter 276hp four-cylinder, turbo-charged engine destined to impress, and boasting an 8-speed gear system, the Giulia eases comfortably from 0-60mph in 5.5 seconds. Of course, it’s not the fastest car in the world. The best range of Quadrifoglio can easily beat it, climbing from 0-60mph in under 4 seconds. The twin-turbo V6 engine with a breathtaking 505hp had a lot to do with this. The strategic, symmetrical design ensures an even length and weight of the Giulia making up the front and rear, positively impacting the suspension and handling as a whole. Adaptable to all weather conditions is surely reflective of the all-wheel-drive choice and the base engine. The Quadrifoglio has a super cool ‘race’ mode, which as you can probably imagine is all about the quick, tight corners – assisted by the strong torque on the rear-axle. Despite the responsive accelerator and breaking, tempting a rally style drive, the suspension and road grip ensures smoothness is maintained, but it can be reduced for extra impact in order to enhance the wildness.


  1. Aston-Martin DB11


Famously associated with James Bond, the new DB11 has retained its inspiration from the much loved DB models. The bonnets brackets are at the front, making this car stand out from the crowd. The mean looking grille shows power and speed. The huge twin-turbo V12 engine is a 5.2 liter with an unbelievable 660hp. Wow! The eight gear system is a highlight and despite not losing an inch of luxury, this astonishing car will take a regular, but enthusiastic driver only 4 seconds to fly from 0-60mph. While keeping the sleek and sophisticated feel of luxury, the performance is undeniably that of a strong sports car.


  1. Chevrolet Bolt


The all-new 2017 Bolt brings with it a threat for the Tesla. This hatchback car, despite being partly battery operated, can reach a top speed of 91mph. It apparently has a battery life of 2 hours also and is quick to recharge. Smartly, to enhance the distance gained per 2 hour battery life, the car selects the most appropriate routes and alerts the driver when a charging port is approaching.


  1. Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

The ZL1 features a supercharged LT4 6.2L V-8 Small Block engine, with intake and exhaust systems tailored for Camaro. It is rated at an estimated 640 horsepower (477 kW) and 640 lb-ft of torque (868 Nm), backed by a standard six-speed manual transmission or all-new, available paddle-shift 10-speed automatic. The 10-speed automatic has 7.39 overall ratio for smaller steps between gears. It enables the LT4 engine to remain at optimal rpm levels during acceleration, particularly when exiting corners, for quicker laps and lightning-quick responses on both up- and down-shifts.

From first glance it is clear this car means business. The 6.2 liter V8 engine has 640hp. It comes with six gears, but wait for it, it also has the option of ten gears, just in case you feel like using them! Pioneering traction and suspension enhance the overall drive. In addition to perfect performance, this car is stunning in a visual sense too. Apparently, coming with the choice of convertible or coupe, the exterior is unbelievably beautiful.


  1. Genisis G90


Strangely, this Genesis G90 is related to the Hyundai, although much more of a prestige, luxury take on it – an altered Hyundai Equus. Its 3.3liter V6 turbo charged engine, with its 365hp is one option. In comparison, the Equus’ V8 5.0liter engine sported a 420hp. There is an eight gear control system and suspension ensuring smoothness, so you can drive it with a hint of sportiness. Inside, the mood can be altered with lighting effects and the interior screams sophistication with the trims being wooden in texture.


  1. Fiat 124 Spider


The modern take on this classic car has Fiat pulling out all the stops. Its modest 1.4 liter engine reaches 160hp and is the engine used by the Fiat 500 too. There are gorgeous curves to the bodywork with the feature of a sport mode for enhanced driving experience. This two-seater uses a six gear change and comes with clever blind spot cameras.


  1. Hyundai Ioniq


The main focus with the Hyundai is the hybrid, electric ability. The addition of a modest 1.6 liter engine is accompanied with an electrical generator with 139hp. Despite not being the norm for the hybrid vehicles, this one has six gears. A distance of 25 miles can be achieved depending on the battery alone. A full battery is said to take you a distance of 110 miles with an option of cruise control.


  1. Jaguar XE


With the start of 2017, Jaguar will showcase their new rear-wheel drive XE sports sedan. Again, Jaguar is competing with the BMW 3-Series, however it resembles the Ford X-Type more – the 2002 model. A 2.0 liter engine and 180hp is the basic factory fitting, but additional power can be arranged – with the 3.0 liter 340hp V6 engine, 0-60mph takes only 5 seconds.


  1. Lexus LC


This sexy sports car from Lexus not only looks the part, but with a massive 5.0 liter, V8 engine and 467hp, it really drives with power and determination. Reaching 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds, this car has some statistics worth appreciating. Rear-wheel-drive feature is a first for Lexus, but don’t get too carried away as prices are expected to start at $100K. A similar width and length to the BMW 6 Series gives it a sense of domination.


  1. Lincoln Continental


In place of the MKS, this Lincoln Continental is all about the driver. The 3.0 lier engine and a twin-turbo V6 produce an impressive 400hp. A six gear system is in place along with an enhanced steering system, designed to bring a smoothness to the journey. The seats in the front can provide you with a massage and there is an abundance of more luxurious features to discover.


  1. Toyota 86


A modern revamp of the FR-S seems to be the feel from the Toyota 86. The boxer engine is 2.0 liter, reaching 205hp. It is the same engine from the Subaru BRZ, and it uses the 6 gear system. Precise tuning add to the responsiveness of the vehicle, and its handling is spot-on. Hill Start Control, which is a feature available in many cars, is now an addition to the Toyota. The exterior screams speed, swerving, and sleek bodywork.


  1. Volvo S90/V90

Location Front Quarter Volvo S90 Mussel Blue

Taking over from the S80 as the number one in its range, this Volvo debuts some serious stylish exterior and with 316hp, the 2.0 liter turbo-charged four-cylinder engine promises performance delivery. There are 8 gears in this Volvo and many luxurious features too, such as the safety feature break, option for cruise control, city driving option, and sensors which identify the lane you are in and alert you if you cross it. This could be beneficial after a long day and night of driving. For additional safety, there is a pedestrian sensor which alerts you to avoid animals and cyclists too. The soft and responsive steering is a favorite feature for sure.

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