Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Renting a Car

Updated September 11, 2013

The car rental industry is very active and extremely competitive; a simple internet search will offer you the chance to study the prices and the car models that major car rental companies have. And they have got matching advertising budgets as well; most of them use paid online marketing ads, all the major international airports promote their cars, they have big, impressive offices, and so on.

Since they invest so much in publicity, the car rental companies manage to get many clients and consequently, a lot of money. And one of the frequent mistakes that many people make when they start searching the web for offers is to get persuaded too quickly by these huge car rental companies, because they’re everywhere!

Nevertheless, this market also includes smaller rent a car companies which might have even better offers. So, next time when you need to rent a car, make sure to study all the offers, not just the ones provided by the big companies; you might be able to rent the same car at a significantly smaller price.

Another mistake many people do is to postpone renting a car until the last minute. If you do this, you will certainly end up paying more money. Since the car rental companies desire to have all their cars rented at all times, they will offer substantial discounts to people that book their cars in advance. So, when you plan your summer vacation, do not hesitate and book the car in the same day you book your hotel room or your plane tickets; this way you will end up saving a lot of money for your car rental.

The final price you will have to pay for the rented car also depends on its size; smaller, more compact cars are less expensive when compared to the larger, more powerful autos. Avoid doing this mistake by deciding what car model you will need in advance, depending on the actual reasons why you want to rent the vehicle.

As an example, going on a mountain vacation with all the members of your family for a seven days period will require renting a larger, more powerful car. On the other hand, the situation will be completely different if you need to rent a car for a business meeting that takes place in another city.

The fourth mistake people make is to sign the renting contract without reading it carefully (especially the fine print) and thus paying for car insurance for the rented vehicle, even though they already pay insurance for the car they possess. All the rent a car companies will try and sell you a car insurance package together with the cars that they are renting. Make sure to verify if the insurance policy that you are already paying for covers for the situations when you drive a rented car as well. If you do not verify this, you will end up paying for car insurance twice, and thus spend a significant amount of money without getting any benefit from it.

When you pick up the rented car, its tank is filled so that you can begin your journey immediately. Nevertheless, if you do not remember to return the car with its gas tank filled, it can cost you a lot of money. So, on the way back to the car rental agency, remember to fill the tank or you will be asked to pay for the fuel at a price that is surely bigger when compared to the gas station price.

Try to remember and (most of all) apply all these tips. Do this and I am sure that you will get the best car rental value for your hard earned money.

George Pirvu, the author of this article, works as a blogger for Thrifty Bucharest Romania, a car rental agency in Eastern Europe.





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