1960 Lincoln Continental

Top 7 Classic American Cars

Updated December 17, 2014

American classic cars are a huge part of history as well as popular collectors items for car lovers. Each model and make has their own story and their own unique features that makes them collectible and desired by many. Here are seven of the best and most popular classic American cars, with a description of each.

1953 Chevy Corvette

Debuting in 1953 as the first American two-seater sports car, the Corvette is known to have been one of the ultimate American sports cars. Only producing 300 handmade products in 1953, this model is very rare. Since these cars were hand-built and the technique changed throughout production, each 1953 Corvette was made slightly differently. All 1953 models were equipped with both heaters and AM radios and there are over two hundred of these models that still exist today.

1958 Chevrolet Corvette

1960’s Ford Mustang

The first of the elite, the Mustang is the second longest running production vehicle in Ford history. Out of all the models that Ford has come out with, the 1960’s Mustangs are the most sought after. Initially introduced as a hardtop and a convertible, the fastback version was put on sale the following year. This model was actually slotted into a compact car segment when it was first introduced.

1965 Ford Mustang

1960s Pontiac GTO

Designed by John DeLorean, the GTO has been a huge part of American culture since its debut. This model was inspired by the Ferrari 250 GTO, the very successful and well known racecar. Some actually consider the GTO to be the first real “muscle car”. The first GTO was an option package for the Pontiac Tempest, available with the two-door coupe, hardtop coupe and convertible body styles.

1968 Pontiac GTO

1960’s Camaro

First generation Camaro debuting in 1966, this iconic vehicle was introduced as a competitor to Ford’s Mustang. Concerned by the success of the Ford Mustang, Chevy realized that their compact sporty car, the Corvair, would not be able to generate the sales volume close to the Mustang. The sister car, the Pontiac Firebird, shares many of its designs and parts. While the Camaro is still in production today, the 1960’s models are the most collectible.

1969 Camaro

1960’s Ford Thunderbird

The Thunderbird was originally introduced as a two-seater, which was Ford’s response to Chevy’s Corvette. Starting with the 1958 model, it had four seats. The 1967 model was of special interest to collectors because it was the first to offer a four door version, equipped with “suicide doors”.

From 1958-1966, the Thunderbird remained fundamentally the same in concept as a sporty two-door coupe/convertible with two rows of seating. In response to the Mustang, Ford was able to move the Thunderbird upmarket. The result in 1967 was a larger Thunderbird with luxury appointments more in line with a Lincoln. The available four-door design was a unique feature to this generation as it was not carried on after 1971.

1960 Ford Thunderbird

1968 to 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

Returning to the no frills type of muscle car, the Road Runner is another popular American classic car. Plymouth set out to build a back-to-basics muscle car by using the Chrysler B platform and using the name Road Runner. Everything essential to performance was included in the car, and everything unnecessary was left out. The interior included a basic cloth and vinyl bench seat. Plymouth was expected to sell about 2,000 units in 1968 and surprisingly, sales ended up numbering around 45,000.

1970 Plymouth Road Runner

1960’s Lincoln Continental

The design, which had originally been intended to be for the 1961 Ford Thunderbird, was enlarged and slightly altered before being switched to the Lincoln line. Like the Ford Thunderbird, the Lincoln Continental was also made with the “suicide doors”. Today, these convertibles are especially popular with collectors.

1960 Lincoln Continental

Regardless of which classic car is your favorite, each individual make and model has their unique features that have kept classic car enthusiasts hooked for decades.




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