Daimler Limousine

Top Five Classic Wedding Cars To Arrive At Your Big Day

Updated October 2, 2013

The top five classic wedding cars to arrive at your big day offer luxury and elegance that make everyone feel like royalty for a brief moment. Some vehicles do more than provide transport between locales, possessing features to protect occupants against unforeseen problems during the event. United Kingdom (UK) car hire services notice that brides prefer one particular car manufacturer above all others.

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

Debuting in the 80s, the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit remains the premiere vehicle of choice for UK brides. Car enthusiasts note the car was the first manufactured by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars with a retractable Spirit of Ecstasy iconic hood ornament. Individuals who acquire a Silver Spirit for their ceremony enjoy soft leather seating and a 10-speaker stereo system. The car is a perfect fit for brides hoping to make a big entrance. If a Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit sounds perfect, remember the back seat comfortably accommodates three passengers.

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit

Daimler Limousine

Originally used to transport government officials including members of the British Royal family, brides select the Daimler limousine to shuttle additional bridal party members. The limo received generous television and film coverage since its debut in 1968. Passengers travel in extreme opulence with a sliding internal glass privacy window and rear cocktail bar. A telephone to the driver simplifies communicating through raised privacy glass, while separate driver and passenger air conditioning/heating controls provide personalised comfort. Approximately seven people fit comfortably inside according to car hire services.

Daimler Limousine

Rolls-Royce Phantom

UK brides working with larger budgets prefer to ride in a Rolls-Royce Phantom. The first models rolled off the lot in 1925 and some local car hire companies have access to these earlier versions. Vehicles feature push button doors that minimise the possibility of bridal gowns catching during vehicle entry or exit. Later models offer built-in umbrellas that can be a lifesaver in cases of unexpected rainfall. A part of the Phantom’s mystique involves intricate hand-carved wooden interior designs and a classic, impressive exterior appearance.

Rolls Royce Phantom

Jaguar Mark 2

Made famous by television detective Inspector Morse, every bridal party member wants to ride in a Jaguar Mark 2. Models built during the 1950s are especially popular amongst brides. Available colours include red and white but selections depend on the car hire service. This piece of nostalgia offers soft leather seating and handcrafted wooden interiors. Sleek lines and a memorable exterior make the vehicle popular for wedding photographs. The vehicle comfortably seats up to four passengers, including the driver.

Jaguar Mark 2

Rolls-Royce Landaulette

Couples in a Rolls-Royce Landaulette enjoy the best of both worlds. A soft convertible top covers the classic Rolls limousine body and folds down for fabulous pictures before and after the ceremony. Coined by the Society of Automobile Engineers back in 1913, the feature appeared on a limited number of vehicles designed for royalty and other members of high society.

Rolls-Royce Landaulette

Tom is a Sydney based wedding planner, who loves helping couples plan their perfect wedding, which often includes planning for a big entrance. Tom recently helped one bride make a statement as she arrived to her wedding at Deckhouse Woolwich Restaurant in Sydney in a classic Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit.



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