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The Top 5 Surf Rides Of All Time

Ever Wondered What The Best Surf Vehicles Are?

Updated September 15, 2018

When it comes to surf vehicles there has to be criteria met in order to make the cut. As you will read on you will see why these vehicles make the grade when it comes to getting its owner to the point break. The choice for these five top surf mobiles are not easy and some great contenders were left out so maybe just maybe there will be a part 2 in order to keep too much bitching from ensuing in the comment section.


What Is Needed In Order To Be A Top Surf Sled?


If I am looking for a surf vehicle then I need something that can carry me and a mate(s) to and from the sweet spots reliably and hopefully comfortably. I need a mobile home on wheels that can also drive on some hard-pack. Sleeping accommodations are key and if the vehicle can fit me and hopefully a scantily clad local lady who can stand my funk then the thought of that selling point will stiffen my decision a few inches. If I can afford the fuel and insurance then a 4×4 powertrain gets me to the uncrowded waves and a little more overall seclusion.


1. Woody Wagons – “The Woody”

Best Surf Vehicle 1

The Woody – Top Surf Vehicles of All time

These splinter sided station wagons became an icon for old school long boarders back in the day and were built anywhere from the 1930’s all the way till the 1960’s by every manufacturer from Ford to Packard. Even after the 60’s auto companies put shitty faux finish wood on cars like the Griswold’s “Family Truckster” to even those abominations that are PT Cruisers. This era of true oak armored wagons gave birth to not only a surfing trend but also birth to tons of little surfer accidents created in the roomy backseats of these rides (some probably reading this now).



2. Volkswagen Microbus

Best Surf Vehicle 2

Volkswagen Microbus – Top Surf Vehicles of All time

Dirty Hippies don’t get all the glory when it comes to Vdubs, so do dirty surfers dammit! Yes this little Nazi sleds was not so hot when it came to loose sand but they did however make up for some of their downsides with space and on some vehicles, reliability. Volkswagens were and still are either hit or miss when it comes to reliability. You either get one that just doesn’t die or you get the one that was built during Oktoberfest when the assembly line workers were busy pissing and puking in their tool boxes. Throughout the different generations you got more and more amenities that catered to those spending days out on the coast such as roof tents and stoves. If you come from a lineage of surfers then it’s likely that your grandma got knocked up in the “The Woody” and your mom in one of these. Gross right



3. Toyota Landcruiser


Best Surf Vehicle 3

Toyota Landcruiser – Top Surf Vehicles of All time

These babies just don’t quit and are seen at all the great surf spots around the world. Sure they are expensive new but you don’t need a new Toyota. With several generations to choose from you can go from jeep like to extra girthy. Great for international travel and used today by top destinations like ThunderBomb Surf Camp to get clients to the tough secret surf spots. Though gas mileage is shit you have to make the trade for the world class 4×4 system. 4Runner, Tacoma, Hilux are also recommended.



4. Ford Econoline 4×4 (Transit)


Best Surf Vehicle 4

Ford Econoline 4×4 – Top Surf Vehicles of All time

Sure you look like a candy giving pedobear when driving around this windowless Amber Alert but that’s the price you pay to have space for all your boards, wax, Asian porn mags and portable DVD player with Zoolander stuck inside. Sure you were going to pimp it out someday but that costs money and this Ford baby of yours is always thirsty for some octane formula. Easy to find parts where sold and with the right setup makes you look like your ride is ready for the apocalypse.


5. Subaru Forester & Outback


Best Surf Vehicle 5

Subaru – Top Surf Vehicles of All time

This was a tough one but squeaked by the AWD Tercel and AWD AMC Eagle thanks to Paul Hogan’s charm. Subaru’s have had their downsides in the past but today they build a solid platform that can get you to some tricky spots thanks to the AWD setup and respectable ground clearance. Sure you don’t get windowless pedophile van interior room but you make up for it by fuel consumption and the ability to park in school parking lots without probable cause arrests. The opposed piston engines are reliable and sure to attract a woman with hairy pits.



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