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toyota fj cruiser final edition

Last Goodbye: Swan Song with the Toyota FJ Cruiser Final Edition

FJ Cruiser Final Edition Only For Japan

Published October 6, 2017

C’mon, there is no way you do not like this car. It is as quirky as it gets and it still sells at dealerships despite it being on the market for over ten years. And this, ladies and gents, is its last hooray. Called the Toyota FJ Cruiser Final Edition, this car will be available only in Japan. As some of you certainly can recall, the FJ Cruiser was phased out from the US market in 2014 with the Trail Teams Edition.

toyota fj cruiser final edition

Nevertheless, the FJ Cruiser Final Edition in Japan comes with a wealth of cool options. But it is all beige. Beige outside and beige inside. Not exactly thrilling, yet considering the sheer crazy looks of the car the FJ Cruiser Final Edition in beige actually feels just right.

FJ Cruiser Final Edition With A “Sense of Modernity”? Yeah, right

Toyota did talk about its “sense of modernity”, but I am not quite sure people actually buy it because of its modernity. Mainly because there is not any of that here. The car features a distinct Nineties cabin and unique retro styling. No beige, no steering wheel, or black accents can change that. That said, we cannot argue with the fact that this is a cool car.

toyota fj cruiser final edition

And the coolness factor, in this case, has been accentuated with 20-inch wheels, bumper-mounted lights, and black door handles.

Nothing new under the hood, of course. Toyota trusted four-liter V6 is still inside sending power to all four via five-speed automatic transmission.

toyota fj cruiser final edition

Considering that Toyota had a few rather cool cars on display over the last few months, the last FJ seems like a cherry on top. Remember that Hilux Invincible 50!? Cool as well. Now, be advised none of these two will ever appear in the US. A bit sad.

Even sadder is the fact that last month a Toyota official ditched all the plans about the FJ Cruiser successor. We will not get a new one, so remember this one, as it is arguably the best one ever. And it has that awesome fender mounted mirror.

toyota fj cruiser final edition


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