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Toyota FT-AC Concept

Toyota FT-AC Concept Is Cool But Could Also Show The Misery Of Car Buyers Of Today

Four wheel drive, gasoline power, high-ground clearance, what is there to not like then?

Published December 19, 2017

Could this be the most “ruggedness” a crossover based on a car platform can bring? Called the Toyota FT-AC Concept, this particular car represents a tackier and more exciting future of Toyota crossovers and SUVs which are about to become a whole lot more fun and a whole lot less dull. Revealed at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, the Toyota FT-AC Concept actually gives us a unique look into what the RAV4 may become in some of its versions. Furthermore, it may actually show us what a new “larger-than-RAV4-but-smaller-than-4Runner” crossover might look like. That is a stretch, of course.

Back to business.

Toyota FT-AC Concept

The Toyota FT-AC Concept takes all off-road centered hardware imaginable and stuffs it into the crossover-looking body. Toyota painted it in this dashing shade of green, added bumper protection, massive skid plates, additional LED lights on top of the front and for the back, bike rack and what not. Honestly, it all looks quite nice, even fine. I could see myself driving it somewhere, but the question remains, how far could I go?

Tough looking, but is it a tough act?

Toyota, obviously, did not report much on the underpinnings, but it did hint a whole lot of promising off-road gear installed on the FT-AC Concept. Do not let that massive 20-inch wheels fool you though. They sport some off-road tires and, thanks to off-road set suspensions, give the FT-AC Concept rather generous ground clearance. Some could even use that added ground clearance thanks to the locking center differential and torque vectoring AWD. Plus all those exterior additions – you are sure to ford through anything.

Toyota FT-AC Concept

However, I suspect that is beside the point here. Looking suspiciously like the next crossover in the lineup, the FT-AC Concept actually is here to demonstrate all the misery of your John Doe car buyer of today.

Toyota FT-AC Concept

What is that misery?

Look adventurous, but don’t really be!

That is the misery of the world of crossovers and, if Toyota doesn’t surprise me somehow, the FT-AC Concept is its prime example.

Nonetheless, I could be totally wrong about it and the FT-AC could end up having a fine architecture (not car-like one), six-speed manual, six-cylinder engine with 250hp and some proper chest-hair growing off-road terrain systems to compete with the Wrangler or whatever.

Toyota FT-AC Concept

Now, honestly, tell me do you expect it to be like that?

Of course not. But don’t get me wrong. I do not blame Toyota for this. Not a bit. They are only making WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO BUY.

Check this out then

Side mirrors have infrared cameras and they can record – day or night – your off-road shenanigans. Then, Wi-Fi hotspot allows you to upload it all and share with whomever you’d like. And yes, those cameras can apparently be taken out from the mirrors. You can use it as a GoPro or something. They even have “geolocation possibilities”.

Toyota FT-AC Concept

As for the design, I can see this becoming a fine-looking crossover. If you imagine it without all the added off-road stuff, it would be a good competitor to its European crossover brothers (Volkswagen crossovers, I am talking about you here).

Toyota FT-AC Concept

Nevertheless, we are still to find out what Toyota wants to do with this one. What I do know is that this thing could sport a hybrid system in some of its possible production iterations, although Toyota originally suggested they plan on having a gasoline machine in it.

Toyota FT-AC Concept


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