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Toyota Prius becomes a three wheeler!

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

The Toyota Prius, the car that made Hybrid vehicles famous across the world has a new competitor in China! QingQi group, a Shandong based company that has a joint venture agreement with Suzuki (and recently, Peugeot) to make motorbikes for the domestic and foreign markets has been busy over the past few weeks and months since we last gave one of their factories a visit on the outskirts of Jinan city (capital city of Shandong province). Click the image on the left for a bigger picture.
We dont have any other information about the Qingqi three wheeled Prius – its not on the Qingqi website. Nor do we have any tech specs, other than its a three wheeled Prius clone and looks like it might actually be electric (unless its a 2 stroke engine with a tiny pea shooter tail pipe under the rear bumper.

Even the migrant worker looks a little dazzled by the three wheeled Prius copy!


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