Toyota Prius PHV by TRD And Modellista Drops In Style To The Plug-in Game

Updated June 1, 2017

Toyota Prius Prime Plug-In may be the most attractive Prius of all time. It’s quite different to what we have seen on the latest generation model, but it also follows Akio Toyoda’s dream of making Toyota cars exciting. It does look exciting for sure. Much more than it’s brother that is.

Now, the Japanese went an extra mile with it and created a TRD tuned version. Also, Japanese Modellista offered its package as well. Both are available through official Toyota dealers. Angrier, sharper and more awesome. It does that to the Prius PHV.

TRD and Japanese tuner Modellista took two slightly different approaches with the body kit. TRD went down a little bit less conspicuous route. True, they added retro style wheels (which should be bigger really), garnished the front with more LEDs and then added small side skirts. The most obvious and boldest change comes in the form of rear exhausts. Double exhaust on the center does give the Prius a somewhat heroic statement. Although, these exhaust tips ought to be bigger too. It really is a bit sad that the Prius didn’t get bigger wheels and bigger exhaust tips (despite its eco-friendliness).

The Modellista, on the other hand, ditched the subtle thought from their plans. The side skirts take the Prius Prime to a different realm. So do wheels. They maybe measure the same as those on the TRD car, but their design sure makes the Prius Prime a more playful character. Interestingly, the Modellista did not go with the all black grille theme. There is a bit of flashy chrome there, mating with additional LEDs integrated on the lower part of the bumper. Back, however, doesn’t have any cool exhaust tips. But it does have an additional part stitched to the rear bumper making some sort of a cool skirt for the Prius Prime at the back. Nice, apparently.

Now, the thing about all this is that Toyota will sell any piece any Prime owner desires. These, unfortunately, aren’t kits for the car. So, one may have a TRD front bumper, Modellista wheels and side skirts and a TRD rear bumper and exhaust. It could work. Digging through the TRD and Modellista offering one may find a bunch of different LED options, under-hood gas strut or door handle protectors. It’s all there.

The Prius PHV comes with a familiar 1.8-liter Atkinson cycle petrol engine with 98 hp and dual electric motor setup. One is producing 72hp with the other is giving out 31hp. Capable of achieving 80 mph on electric power, the 2017 Prius Prime seems as a much more usable plug-in hybrid than its brother Prius.


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