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Toyota driverless evs

Toyota to provide driver-less EVs for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics

Updated September 18, 2018

For the upcoming 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games which will take place in Tokyo, Toyota has announced that it will be providing driverless electric vehicles (EVs) to transport visitors and athletes during the entire event.

According to the Japanese car manufacturer, it said that its Concept-i vehicles shall form part of a larger fleet consisting of nearly 3,000 passenger vehicles, which will include Sora bus and the hydrogen fuel-cell Mirai.

According to Toyota, the battery-powered car comes pre-installed with artificial intelligence technology which enables it to recognize emotions and even make small talks with passengers.

Toyota and the event’s organizers have set an aim of achieving the lowest emissions target level of any official vehicle fleet used at any Olympics till now.

According to several experts, it has been predicted that a total of 15 million visitors would be joining Tokyo’s during the 2020 Olympic games

The President of Japan, Akio Toyoda then went on to explain how the technology would prove to be of added benefit disabled visitors to the Paralympics by stating: “If an individual wishes to take on a challenge and travelling proves to be an obstacle standing in between them, Toyota feels pleased to help tackle that problem. We really want mobility to be a possibility rather than an obstacle.”


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