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Toyota’s Ranz Plans for China Revealed

Published March 27, 2013

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Ranz is the latest sub brand for the Chinese market from First Automobile Works and its Japanese partner Toyota, Toyota have been at the forefront of the Chinese new energy industry for several years with the introduction of the Camry Hybrid and also the Prius hybrid despite their poor sales Toyota continued to introduce the latest generations into the market to showcase their technical ability, even when then neither hybrid was able to receive any government subsidies that were available to other hybrid models.

The Ranz logo was revealed today, the above green section represents an N which itself means Natural and New whilst the green obviously means green energy.

The new Ranz models will be designed and produced by a domestic Toyota team based in Tianjins Development Zone, with 11,000 square meters to play with the center is well equipped to research and test new models and also has on site offices, workshops, testing centers, small scale production abilities and of course new energy testing facilities. This center was created in 2008 and its first project was developing the Toyota Corolla specifically for Chinese markets, when sales of the Chinese market Corolla grew to over 10,000 units per month Toyota HQ gave the go-ahead for the new center to be actively involved in planning models for the Chinese market, including models for the Ranz brand.

The Ranz brand is likely to be aired at the Shanghai Auto Show next month with the first car likely to be made up of the Toyota Qin Concept that aired at the last Beijing and Guangzhou Auto Shows last year.




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