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Sober Driver Arrested for DUI in Atlanta

Trained Police are Now Arresting Sober Drivers in Atlanta

Officers are Going through a two-week long training program in order to become “Drug evaluation experts” – Is it working properly and worth saving?

Sober Driver Arrested for DUI in Atlanta

When I was younger, I always wondered why we had millions of ridiculous laws in this country and why it took an entire profession to pick at every little detail and to interpret these laws? However, I later learned that it is because a huge chunk of the population has absolutely no common sense. Another huge chunk of people in our great nation will take advantage of others and will cause harm if these laws are not in place. This article, is an example of such a situation. Now don’t get me wrong – I think that the majority of America’s intentions are good, but with the lack of common sense and evil eggs out there, these laws are entirely necessary. And as a wise lawyer once told me “These laws are also necessary in order to protect the people from our government, because they’ll take advantage of ordinary people more than there peers, if given the chance.”

Tracy Carroll Atlanta DUI Task Force

The state of Georgia has recently passed laws that have led to the creation of the “Drug Recognition Expert” program, which provides extensive training to police officers to educate them in detecting individuals that are under the influence of drugs. According to these expert drug evaluators, there are several involuntary indicators that humans display while under the influence of drugs. Not only are these experts trained to tell if a person is currently under the influence of drugs, but they are supposedly trained to be able to differenciate which drug the user is intoxicated on.

Tracy Carroll Arrests Auburn Student

However, like many of these types of programs in the past that empower authorities to pass on their opinions as facts, they are majorly flawed. One reason that these programs are flawed is because all humans are put together differently. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of variables that could influence an evaluation (that lacks scientific evidence), especially when it comes to health conditions. The other obvious issue with this discretionary (and biased program) is that there are always going to be scumbags out there that, if given the chance, will screw over innocent people if it benefits them.

Not long at all after this program was launched, and it’s “experts” were trained, one of these scumbags have already been exposed. After multiple reports, the WXIA in Atlanta launched an investigation against police officer Tracy Carroll, who has acquired the nickname “The Drug Whisperer”, after the officer arrested three individuals for driving under the influence of marijuana. All three of these individuals tested negative for any type of drug or alcohol. Their cases were eventually dismissed, but they were still put through the hassle of getting arrested, sitting in jail, getting their vehicles towed, having their driver’s license suspended, paying attorney fees, etc.

Tracy Carroll Conducting Sobriety Tests on Sober Driver

I’m no “drug recognition expert”, but from the great dash cam footage below, there’s no signs of intoxication.  The driver isn’t stumbling, slurring, seems very coherent, and is adamant that they have not done any drugs.  I realize that many people are able to operate functionally while under the influence of marijuana and other drugs, but unless they’re displaying some sort of inability to drive safely, an arrest is out of line.  If other police departments throughout the country decide to jump on this bandwagon, you should step up and voice your concerns.  This type of training was created without being factual because it’s currently very difficult for a prosecutor to get drug-intoxicated drivers convicted.  However, this type of unchecked power is dangerous and strips Americans’ liberties like no other!




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