The GSX1300R “Hater Maker” by 2WheelGrilles

Brandon Clark’s Tricked Out Hayabusa Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

Updated August 10, 2018

What started off as Brandon Clark’s last build, may be his most sensational yet. This tricked out Hayabusa pushes the boundaries of customization to the limit. A Gen 2 Hayabusa has all of the hallmarks of a great bike, but after a lot of blood, sweat and tears, it can be so much more.

Tricked Out Hayabusa Hater Maker 1

If you’re a Busa rider who’s not familiar with Brandon Clark, owner of, then you should be. For the past twenty years, Brandon has been riding and building top quality sportsbikes, from CBR900RRs to good old school favorites like the GSX R-1100 “…back in the days when a 190 was a ‘fat’ tire,’ and a polished frame and a swing arm extended over 8 inches made you the king of the block,” – the very same days when jobs weren’t outsourced, they were done in house, from the turbos to the powder coating; the good old days.

Tricked Out Hayabusa Hater Maker 2

It was during those days that Brandon encountered a customer at a friend’s shop that would change his business direction. A customer walked into the shop with a Hayabusa equipped with a set of grilles in the side fairing holes. Curious, Brandon asked where he’d got them and was impressed to learn that the customer had made them himself. Brandon instantly saw the appeal of the custom part and was captivated by the way they covered the unsightly radiator and header. He pitched the idea to his friend, who didn’t see the potential of the idea, and that set him on the road he is now.

Tricked Out Hayabusa Hater Maker 3

After purchasing a set of road rash patina’d Gen 1 Busa side fairings from eBay, and some diamond shaped expanded metal, Brandon cut and built his first set of custom fairing grilles. “I posted them on eBay and as they say, the rest is history.” From then on, Brandon struck out on his own, founding Clark Custom Cycle back in 2004 and predominantly selling his custom wares through eBay.

Tricked Out Hayabusa Hater Maker 4

Fast forward eleven years later and Brandon is still going strong. His latest website, has a wide selection of custom grilles for many a machine, including all the GSXR models, TLs, Katanas and a few water cooled bikes too. Of course, the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Busas are still the most popular, but Brandon has branched out to cater for Honda CBRs (600, 900, 929, 954 and 1000) as well as a few Kawasakis, including both generations of the ZX10s and ZX14 and even more recently the Can Am Spyder – which are selling like hot cakes, according to the man himself.

Tricked Out Hayabusa Hater Maker 5

As you can see from the images of his sleek Suzuki build here (more about that further down) the grilles are a stunning upgrade. We asked Brandon what set his grilles apart from the others, and he answered:

Tricked Out Hayabusa Hater Maker 6

“All of my grilles are handmade.  I start by using a high quality aluminum expanded metal.  Each fairing grille is hand cut and hand formed using actual fairings as the templates.  That’s right, I have a room filled with all of these fairings cataloged for each specific model.  Some models like the GSXR 1000s, change fairings every 2 years.  All of my grilles are trial fit before packaging and shipment. What’s unique about my grilles is that they are hand made in the USA.  They are also pre-formed and ready to install.  There is considerate risk in damaging one’s fairing when attempting to make these yourself.  While it can be done, it is risky.  I take this risk out and all you have to do is remove your fairings and install to the inside of each hole using a quick set epoxy.”

Tricked Out Hayabusa Hater Maker 7

“I offer a variety of finishes including plain, chrome and powder coated sets.  I do my own in house powder coating and have a one day lead time in any color imaginable.  I carry little to no inventory and sets are literally made to order.”

Tricked Out Hayabusa Hater Maker 7

Since trading under the name 2wheelgilles on Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Instagram, Brandon has sold his custom parts to over 50 countries worldwide and now his products feature alongside some of the custom parts industry’s biggest names, such as Roaring Toyz, Tricked Out Custom Cycles, VooDoo Moto, All Things Chrome and Garwood Custom Cycles. His grilles have even been featured on some of the most recognizable and famous custom sports bikes out there! This one here, however, is one of his own. “This past year I decided I would build maybe my last custom bike, and use it primarily to showcase my products: fairing grilles. Being that I had never built a Gen 2 Busa, I decided this would be the platform.”

The Gen 2 Busa in question was a 2013 model, purchased directly from the salesroom floor of Ultimate Cycle in Virginia with only a mile on the clock and Brandon rolled it into his workshop and never even took the chance to ride it before stripping it down. Unlike a lot of custom builders, Brandon’s wrenching took place in his free time, so his business came first during all the stages of the build. Fortunately, he knew a thing or two about Busas and the gaps between wrenching didn’t faze him.

Tricked Out Hayabusa Hater Maker 8

Inspiration wise, Brandon thought of “big wheel baggers,” but understood that as a marketing tool, the idea probably wouldn’t fly. Instead, he thought “Why not incorporate the big wheel look to the Busa? I reached out to FTD Customs in Tennessee and contracted them to make me a one off 21 inch front Busa wheel.  I wanted a simple hot rod looking wheel so I went with their custom ‘Malice’ design wheel.  It’s a simple five spoke wheel but would fit the master scheme that I had cooked up in my head.  They matched it with a rear 18″ X 14″ that would hold the Monster 360mm rear tire.”

Tricked Out Hayabusa Hater Maker 9

Fusing the new wheels with a one off, aluminum billet, 18” over stock, swing arm that Brandon had laying around from a previous build, the Busa began to take shape…but was a long way from being finished. Next, Brandon focused on the custom bodywork, working with motorcycle legend Chris Fox, they began by molding the two piece panels into a signal unit, integrating the headlight and turn signals into a single molded piece and cutting down the windshield for a sleeker look. At the other end of the Busa, Brandon opted for a Catalyst Racing Composites 6” over street, fiber glass tail to compliment the longer swingarm, not being a fan of the rear wheel sticking too far out from under the tail.

Tricked Out Hayabusa Hater Maker 10

Back to the wheels, for Brandon to ensure the clearance of the 21” front wheel, he reached out to Soupy’s Performance who sorted him out with a set of CAD designed and CNC machined ,raked triple trees made from solid billet. “Completely turnkey bolt on trees gave me 3 degrees of rake and 1.5″ of wheelbase to the front.  That was just the start though.  I had to cut out some of the point of the front nose cowl so the tire would tuck at its lowest point.  The bottom of the side fairings were also cut to give the turning radius clearance needed.  Once completed, the front wheel is fully functional with clearance of the radiator and oil cooler.”

Tricked Out Hayabusa Hater Maker 11

To complete the bodywork and give the machine that “tucked” look up front, Brandon enlisted the help of some friends from Airfx Air Ride who supplied him with front and rear air ride with instant “up” features, which he installed himself. “The quality and performance of their products is untouched by any competitors,” says Brandon.

Tricked Out Hayabusa Hater Maker 12

Underneath the bodywork Brandon hadn’t planned on doing any motor work but did want a high quality exhaust. The guys at Brock’s Performance supplied him with a 6lb Tiwinder titanium exhaust; despite looking awesome in polished titanium, Brandon opted to powder coat it in Satin Black to compliment the rest of the build and of course, the well-known “stupid fast” stamp was riveted on for full effect.

Tricked Out Hayabusa Hater Maker 12

Despite the phenomenal bodywork of this build, it’s the details and the paintwork that really set it aside from the rest. We’ll get to the paint in a moment, but right now, let’s look at some of those deets. First off, Brandon selected some of the best aftermarket parts to upgrade the ride experience, such as custom rear sets from VooDoo Moto and a selection of grips, levers and hydraulic lines from Core Moto. Ransom Machine Works provided the custom billet gauge bezel, front axle caps, tank pad, stem nut cap and frame caps. Finally, the front brake disc was provided by Pro Factory and the aluminum under tail section came from Tiger Racing.

Tricked Out Hayabusa Hater Maker 13

Like all builds, there was a ton of one off fabrication that you can either do yourself or get your “mate in the know” to do, and Brandon opted for the latter, calling in his machinist friends David Vaughn and Bill Grose to fabricate the spacers, bushings and all of the small things that are often forgotten. We all need friends like Dave and Bill, eh? Not only does the Busa have a shit load of extras, it also has a hidden air horn packing 130 decibels and two nitrous bottles mounted under the tail: one to hold the air for the air ride system, and another to hold the NOS for a purge system. Finally, the seat was built by Jamaine Quarles at JQ Custom Seats LLC, featuring a chopped look and covered with carbon fiber, adorned with a Kanji logo.

Tricked Out Hayabusa Hater Maker 14

Now: the paint. Brandon wanted a classic panel paint job so he got back in touch with Chris Fox at Fox Custom Paint; together, they selected a PPG Sparkle Silver base coat, followed by a House of Kolor candy coat of Oriental Blue, and a Satin clear coat. Fox also used a custom Dark Charcoal mix for shading, which gives the Busa an otherworldly finish – if you know a thing or two about Chris Fox, you’ll know that his paint jobs are nothing short of legendary. Lastly, Brandon powder coated all of the billet bits and bobs from the nuts, bolts and spacers upwards – he does all of his powder coating at home, too…which is insane.

I had two important questions to ask Brandon about his tricked out Hayabusa: 1) What’s with the name “Hater Maker”? and 2) What’s your favorite part?

Tricked Out Hayabusa Hater Maker 14

About the name: Brandon told me how he worked with Shane Gaston at Mod My Gauges to match the paint scheme, and this is what he said: “I got mixed reviews from folks on FB and IG on the large 21″ front wheel, so a buddy of mine starting using the hashtag, “hatermaker”.  And this bike name was born.  Shane and I decided to put this across the gauges.  I also ordered a custom license plate, “HTRMKR”.  Folks also like to hate because they say it is unrideable or a waste of a bike.  I have ridden fat tire bikes anywhere a stock bike can go, from the mountains to long distance trips.  So the ‘haters’ just don’t really know what they are talking about.”

Tricked Out Hayabusa Hater Maker 14

As for the favorite part, it was an obvious choice (this is a marketing bike after all!): “It features a custom set of my own 2 Wheel Grilles sparkling silver powder coated fairing grilles.  They are like the cherry on the whip cream!” Although Brandon was quick to add: “But every part was well thought out and hand-picked for quality, fit and performance.”

Tricked Out Hayabusa Hater Maker 14

It’s been a ten month labor of love, juggling his multiple businesses and family, for Brandon Clark and his effort really shines through in the Hater Maker. “Some love it, some hate it, but I am very happy with the outcome.  Look for it at all the big shows this coming year in 2016:  IMS, Daytona, Myrtle, and Indy, as well as tons of local smaller events.  The “Hater Maker” will surely make an impact!” – And that it certainly will.

Tricked Out Hayabusa Hater Maker 15



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