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Will We Get A Triumph Daytona 765 Or Not?

Rumors Abound – But Will A Triumph Daytona 765 Actually Go Into Production?

Updated August 24, 2018

All the signs point to an upcoming Triumph Daytona 765, but let’s be honest, if one did arrive – would you even buy it? Triumph are enjoying record growth over the past few years, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only does the company have a long and illustrious history but it has managed to re-invent many of its iconic models and update them for the modern rider. We’ve got the modern Bonneville range, the updated Street Triples and Speed Triples, the Tiger line, and more. However, there are a few models that haven’t been blessed with an update: the Rocket III, the Sprint GT, the Trophy SE, the Scrambler…and the middleweight sports maverick, the Triumph Daytona 675.

European Laws Killing The Triumph Daytona?

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Now, surely these old models are going to follow the same Triumph trend and get an update in the near future? Probably. But what we’re most concerned about is the Daytona, as Triumph’s last sports bike, we don’t want to see it disappear completely – and at the current rate, it will disappear. That’s because of the new European emissions laws coming into play, and the Daytona just isn’t compliant. It can still be sold at the moment, but only until December 31, 2018 – the date that manufacturers are given to cease trading their old stock. So for the Daytona to continue living into 2019, it needs to be upgraded or replaced.

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Naturally, Triumph aren’t giving anything away, but we all know that a new sports machine is on the cards, don’t we? Before we begin with the Moto2 obviousness, there’s a little matter of trademark names in the USA and Europe to discuss too. You see, Triumph recently just put in the effort of officially trademarking the “Daytona” name, which seems a bit late considering that they’ve been selling a Daytona model since the early 90s and will be forced to stop in 12 months’ time if they can’t make the current model legal. At the end of the Daytona’s life, it seems a bit odd to be worrying about protecting its name, right? That should be enough to almost guarantee that a new Daytona model will be coming…

What About That New Triumph Daytona 765 Engine?

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But there’s more. You see, Triumph already have a new engine, it’s the 765cc model that is already the beating heart of the new Street Triple. The Street Triple in RS form makes 122 hp, and if you were to bolt a race fairing on to it, you’d have a 90% of a Triumph Daytona 765. The technology is there. Honda haven’t got a compliant 600cc sports model ready for 2019, and neither have Suzuki or Kawasaki – and to build a new platform would be an incredible undertaking and cost a lot of money. But Triumph have already done most of that. A Street Triple derived Daytona could be the future – although, it would never be able to race in the 600 category…but how about the new Moto2?

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It’s no secret that Triumph are the new engine suppliers for the Moto2. Since the CBR600RR engine won’t be EU compliant, there’s no point racing it anymore, and Triumph decided to fill that void with their new 765cc engine. As the old saying goes “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” – but to do that, Triumph would have to have a race-capable, sports machine to actually sell to the public. It’s all very well getting international exposure at the MotoGP events, but if you’ve got no product to sell, it seems like a wasted effort.

So A Triumph Daytona 765 Is Coming Then?

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While the evidence pointing towards “yes” is overwhelming, there’s still enough reasoning to allow us an element of doubt. As mentioned above, the big Japanese firms aren’t putting much effort and money into developing a new and emissions-legal 600 platform because…no one really buys them anymore. It’s a dying segment. Triumph already know this because they can look at their own books and do the math. Thanks to some sleuthing by Bennetts Bike Social in the UK, we can see Triumph’s UK quarterly sales figures over the lifetime of the Daytona. In its most successful year, the Daytona 675 only sold an average of 200 units per quarter. And it’s only gotten a lot worse. In fact, 200 bikes a year would be something unusually high. For 2017 alone, only 19 new Daytona got sold in the first quarter, and only 14 in the second. Now, those sales figures don’t reflect Triumph’s global sales, but they’re worth keeping in mind. Since the UK buys a lot of sports bikes, it’s a clear signal that the middleweight market is dying, if it’s not dead already. With that in mind, it makes us wonder that if they give the world the Triumph Daytona 765 that it wants, will anyone actually buy it? There’s a lot of demand, but when it comes to putting your money where your mouth is, we reckon very few will step up.

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That being said, Yamaha put a lot of effort into their 2017 Yamaha R6, and that hasn’t been doing badly at all. Perhaps sales figures have slowed for other manufacturers purely because they weren’t putting enough R&D resources into their 600 models? Perhaps another middleweight in the arena might spark more competition and renew an interest in the segment? Whatever happens, it’s going to be interesting watching Triumph over the next few months – what they do may give us clues about the future of the ailing middleweight market.

But what do we think? Will a Triumph Daytona 765 roll into the dealerships in the near future? Certainly. Just look at that race prototype! Even those riders who think that anything smaller than a 1000cc is a “small bike” can’t resist the sultry good looks of that machine. Triumph may not be salvaging the 600cc market, but they could be pioneering and dominating a whole new segment.


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