Triumph: Profits Up 90% For 2016! That’s Right…90%!!

Published January 2, 2017

Triumph have reported a few very impressive statistics for 2016: the most exciting being an insane 90% leap in overall profits! Growth like that is unprecedented, especially when you consider the global financial situation. If you factor in some of the biggest issues over the last few years, from the massive financial crisis, the unstable market conditions, and more specifically for Triumph: the UK’s whole Brexit saga, then Triumph really do have every right to be pleased with themselves! Even though motorcycle sales are on the up across the board, increases of this scale are pretty rare in the industry at the moment.

Thanks to financial uncertainties and unstable markets, motorcycle manufacturers have had to take some drastic measures in recent years, and we’re only just learning who the big winners and the big losers are. Of the two main strategies that we’ve seen put into practice, it seems like the companies who decided throw money and effort at the problem are the guys coming out on top. Those who decided to keep investment, research, and development at a minimum, or rather, those who waited to see which way the financial wind was going to blow, seem to be falling behind in the sales wars.

On the other side of the coin, companies like Ducati and Yamaha, and now Triumph, who decided to throw their cash at developing new and more exciting models, investing in research, and taking bigger risks, seem to scooped the most success. Triumph have definitely taken a few risks, and it’s paid off big time.

By the end of the last sales year – which ended in June 2016 – Triumph have had an increase in sales by up to 4.5%, selling 56,263 units in total. That might not sound like a massive amount, but it really is. And then you look at their overall profits from the year… Triumph announced that their profits for that year were £16.6m, an incredible 90% up from their £8.7m profits from 2015.

It’s no surprise that Triumph have explained that their impressive growth was down to increased investment and general enthusiasm for research and development. While many manufacturers have been discontinuing models, or downsizing their platforms, Triumph have focused on expanding. As a result, they’ve added the Bonneville Bobber, the Street Cup, and a number of other units to their lineup. It certainly paid off.

Let’s hope the rest of the industry takes some inspiration from Triumph. More R&D, more investment, more enthusiasm…it all leads to bigger profits, and better bikes on the road! Well done Triumph. Well done indeed.


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