Triumph’s Winter-Ready Tiger 800 Is A Snow Punishing Behemoth!

Published December 2, 2016

We’ve seen ice bikes in the past, but none quite as sexy as this. Recently unveiled at the UK’s NEC Motorcycle Live Show, Triumph have pulled the covers off of the coolest snow ready motorcycle we’ve seen. Built around Triumph’s Tiger 800 platform, this motorcycle could very well be the ace up your sleeve if you fancy doing battle with the winter weather…and in style too. Despite all of Triumph’s efforts though, we still have no information about whether this is just an eye-catching custom built to draw in crowds, photographers and journalists, or whether it’s a genuine kit that Triumph owners will be able to purchase for themselves and bolt on to their bikes…

triumph11 triumph6

Hopefully, it’s the latter. Serious bolt on modifications like this are few are and far between… but how much more functionality could you get out of your motorcycle if you could undertake a quick conversion and turn it into a vicious snow-going warrior? Granted, you’d have to live in a snowy environment to make it worthwhile, but even so…

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Triumph’s custom Ice Bike comes with all of the classic snow bike features, such as a hardcore, heavily studded rear tire, but it also comes with an awesome front wheel to front ski system with a specially engineered suspension system. Not only that, the Triumph Ice Bike also comes complete with all the necessary adventure gear, including a GPS mount, headlamp protectors, snow-specific front and rear guards, and a very cool side-exit exhaust arrangement. And an all-important externally mounted temperature gauge too.

triumph8 triumph9

That’s all well and good, and of course, you can also be impressed by Triumph’s catalog add-ons like the billet parts, but it’s the really hardcore additions that make it so winter so friendly: the collapsible spade and ice pick, and the LED off-road lamps… If you’re stuck on the side of a mountain in the depths of a snow storm, these things will really come in handy.

triumph2 triumph3

Are they for sale though? That’s the big question. So far, we really aren’t sure whether the Ice Bike is just a bit of eye candy to attract people to the Triumph booth and keep photographers busy, or whether or not these parts are actually available for die-hard snow enthusiasts. If you could easily bolt on a front ski and stick on a studded tire, you’d want the full accessory package as well, right? Is there a market for this kind of technology? And if so, would you want in on the action? Let us know!



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