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Trouble in Turkey: Lifan cars are not upto standard

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

This article was taken from Zaman, a Turkish newspaper. Chinese car (and motorbike) manufacturer Lifan recently struck a deal with a Turkish manufacturer to sell CKD (complete knock downs vehicles, basically cars with no engines) Well, heres one Turkish guys comments on the Lifan vehicles:

Turkeys Bisan plans to import partially-manufactured Lifan brand cars to complete and sell in Turkey, but has expressed concern about the overall quality of the automobiles.

Bisan General Director Abidin Dursun Kaleli notes putting flimsy Chinese cars on the Turkish market may produce terrible results, and said they planned to import the partially-manufactured cars to develop and supervise them safely in their own plants.

Even a drill cannot make a hole in a Mercedes, whereas an ordinary nail easily pierces a Chinese car. Chinese cars crash all the way to the trunk in wall crash tests, Kaleli says.

The import of Chinese cars is not currently permitted as they do not meet European standards. Cars are expected to be put on the market in Turkey by early 2008.

You can read the rest of the article here. We at China Car Times really like this comment in the article:

Chinese companies have consistently failed crash tests every time they have applied for European standards, Kaleli informs.

In the crash tests, when Mercedes and BMW cars are crashed into a wall at 80 km speed, the damage to the crash test dummies is measured. These two brands score very little damage in such trials.

In the same tests, Chinese cars crash impact until the trunk and the dummy is nearly destroyed.

How is Bisan going to sell Lifan cars now that their General Director has told the whole of Turkey that the quality, and safety of the cars they want to sell is awful?



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