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Trump’s 1997 LeMans Blue Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster Up For Sale

While most cars are depreciating in value as the years go by, some head the opposite direction. Trump’s ex-Lamborghini Diablo is one such car. From what we can tell, if this Diablo is anything to go by, Trump has had quite a taste in cars as seen from the perfect interior colors.

While Trump’s bid for presidential election may be advantageous for the sale of the vehicle, the price is still a bit too steep. This 1997 LeMan’s Blue Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster was listed for a hefty price of $299,000 which is simply unheard of, especially for an older car.


Now, with the Trump’s Presidential campaign, the seller has seen fit to raise the selling price to an even more unbelievable $460,000! A win by Trump might even make this pimped ride a part of American history ,but even then a sale at this price is doubtful.

The listing of this car on eBay might turn around the sale prospects of this vehicle as it is set to receive bids which would be quite interesting to note. Among its key selling points are the fact that this 1997 Diablo was previously owned by Trump who might be the next president and that Lamborghini themselves named it after the presidential elect – Diablo.


While it is not clear whether during its previous advertisement for sale, a sale was made or not, it is worth to note that the mileage has only increased to 15,277 miles from 14,992 miles previously indicated.







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