Tuners Targeting Type R Cars for Improvements

Updated February 17, 2016

2015-honda-civic-type-r-conceptIt appears that tuners who want to create greater boom are targeting the Type R cars like the Honda Civic.

Why? Because of its new 2-liter VTEC turbocharged engine. The stock engine generates 310 PS. That’s not bad; especially when you compare it to a Leon Cupra that now offers 290 horsepower.

The big change that has attracted the attention of the top tuners is Illustration-Honda-Civic-Type-R-2015-2the turbocharged engine. These things are easy to tune unlike the naturally aspirated versions. Instead of having the need to add new pistons and injectors, a tuner can simply upgrade the engine using a laptop.

For example, Shiftech, a French tuner, strapped the Civic Type R to a dyno and discovered that the ECU upgrade can push total output to 354 PS. Torque also improves to 487 Newton-meters from a reading of only 87 Nm.

It seems like a tuned Type R can compete with the powerful hyper hatchbacks including the pre-facelift A45 and the RS3. The difference in the R compared to those other styles is that it generates power through the front wheels.

The older generation Type R didn’t do much for tuners because they could only achieve a 9,000 rpm red line only when its acceleration was pushed to full power. Now the Honda Civic is gaining attention strictly because of the turbocharger.

So the obvious question is: Can the Honda Civic Type R deal with the torque that would be generated by a tuner’s improvement?

2015-Honda-Civic-Type-R-Car-Price-in-Pakistan-Wallpapers-4Remember a few years ago when the Ford limited the camber change on the front wheels when the Focus RS, the Astra OPC, and the Megane cornered? Honda now has a similar system called Dual Axis Strut Front Suspension and it too does a better job on cornering like the Ford system, but only reduces the torque by a little more than half.

Honda claims that there is no need for anti-roll bars on this model Civic because the front suspension is up to 177 percent stiffer than the standard Civic. The Japanese-car maker also decided it could eliminate the torsion beam rear set-up because of restrictions made on the platform.

Expect more Type Rs to find their way to top tuner’s garages as we make our way through the year.


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