Turbocharged Suzuki Recursion Concept To Make Production

Published January 9, 2015

Could Suzuki find a break through its concept going into production?

Suzuki Background

After a piece of news arriving through the Japanese magazine Young Machine, the motor enthusiasts have their curiosities raised. The magazine claims that Japanese automobile company Suzuki’s Concept of Recursion might go into production soon.


Let me just freshen up your memory about the concept bike. Recursion was first revealed at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. Though it remained a concept for a long while and no further news about its going into production arrived, that is, until now. Recursion is supposed to be built upon a 588cc turbocharged twin cylindrical engine.


The idea is pretty clear. What Suzuki aspires to build through Recursion is a bike in the middle weight genre, which is not only going to be a high performance bike with good power but also efficient on the fuel consumption front.

Suzuki Interior

Why Recursion could be a lifesaver for Suzuki?

Suzuki hasn’t come up with any new bike, except for the updates of already existing ones, in a while. And, when all other Japanese companies including Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Honda have been doing quite well, it was time Suzuki came up front and took the challenge. Also, in a short while the company would rejoin the MotoGP after a gap. Their machines would be driven by names like Alexis Espargaro (top CRT rider of 2014) & Maverick Vinales (Moto2 rookie of 2014).


Kawasaki Ninja H2 and Kawasaki Ninja H2R are doing well. They are both based upon the concept of forced induction too, that is, vehicles which are more powerful, more fuel efficient and yet smaller. Thus, it had become mandatory for Suzuki to come up with something on similar lines if it needs to stay put in the competition. I believe that gives Suzuki enough reasons to stop holding itself back let the Recursion go into production, because that bike just what Suzuki needs to rejuvenate itself.

According to the Young Machine magazine, if at all the Recursion goes into production; it might be remodeled entirely though the motorbike would still be based around that 588cc turbocharged water cooled twin-cylinder engine. What turbo does is, it forces the vehicle in producing larger displacement power even in mid weight vehicles. In fact Suzuki has claimed that Recursion is going to be the most fuel efficient bike in the 600 cc motorbike genre.

Suzuki Slide
What really is that Turbo engine capable of?

The 588 cc turbocharged engine is capable of producing (as claimed) 100 HP of power at 8000 RPM. Even more surprising is that it should be able to produce a 100 NM torque (74 pound feet) at only 4500 RPM. Now that’s something to look forward to, since producing that amount of torque at lower count of revolutions is still out of the reach of turbo engines.
Now, whether or not the magazine could be trusted remains a question to be answered, nevertheless, a while back when it presented the final production version of Yamaha R25, the news had been accurate to the most of it.

Also, when Suzuki has been facing a slightly sloppy period can Recursion come as a respite and brings back to the top of the charts?



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