Corbin Goodwin's Trolls Royce

The Turbocharged “Trolls Royce”: Another Comical Masterpiece by Corbin Goodwin

Introducing The “Trolls Royce” – A 1978 Rolls Royce Created by Corbin Goodwin

Updated November 21, 2018

Corbin Goodwin's Trolls Royce

Car enthusiast, Corbin Goodwin, has done it once again with his 1978 Silver Shadow II which has acquired the nickname “The Trolls Royce”. Unlike any Rolls Royce in the world, the Trolls Royce is turbocharged with off-roading suspension, an exterior-mounted intercooler, and a 4-speed manual transmission stripped from an old Ford pickup. Goodwin has been attracting tons of spectators at car events and throughout the internet with this not-so-aesthetically-pleasing beautiful piece of machinery.

Under the Hood of the Trolls Royce

Goodwin is well known for producing Frankenstein-like vehicles that are packed full of impressive mechanic. Most of his art pieces are described as “amazing” and “ridiculous” at the same time. The mechanic is extremely popular on Youtube, and throughout auto websites throughout the internet, as well as tons of auto shows. Before the Trolls Royce, Goodwin gained a lot of popularity from his “Zero F**ks-given Mazda RX-7″ that he recovered from a ditch and souped up. Lately, he’s been seen in the auto community as a genius that offers some great comic relief to the growing seriousness of the industry.

Profile Photo of Goodwin's Rolls Royce

Corbin’s latest creation stands out like a one-gallon pimple on the tip of a nose. Strapped front and center on the 4,000lb vehicle is it’s intercooler with a screened encasing that marks “God Save the EU”. Along the side of the vehicle are kill marks of the flags of former English colonies. The radiator is also mounted to the rear of the vehicle with God-awful cooling pipes running from the intercooler to the radiator.

Interior of Trolls Royce

Goodwin custom-made many other features of the monster vehicle, due to a lack of available aftermarket parts, such as a welded differential and an off-road suspension (with 31″-long shocks) for those that may want to take the luxury vehicle out to the dunes in the desert. The Rat-rod Rolls is also infused with a 4-speed manual transmission deriving from a Ford diesel truck.  “I have built, quite possibly, the first Rolls Royce that is fun to drive”, Goodwin said in a YouTube video while taking his invention for a test spin.  On top of all of the terrifying aesthetics and mechanics of the vehicle, the interior of the luxury car is a mess as well.  With permanent marker dashboard features, a broken shifter, and a welded sculpture, any normal person will get great pleasure of of getting rewarded with a seat inside this thing.

One would assume that this apocalyptic tank of a luxury vehicle would handle like a real army tank, but those that have actually driven the vehicle say that it handles surprisingly well. We’re pretty impressed with Goodwin’s masterpiece made with extremely cheap/free random auto parts and can’t wait to see his next hilarious creation.



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