Turbochargers Instead of Headlights in 4000 HP C4 Corvette? No Problem (Video)

Published June 16, 2016

Saying that building a drag racer is tough job would be an understatement. It’s incredibly hard and one needs to possess quite a few honed skills, plus a help from similarly knowledgeable experts. Chassis, drag tires, massive rear end, huge powertrain department – it all has to be fitted in what’s usually too small of a car. Owner of this C4 Corvette has had some trouble with his dual turbo units, so he thought of one ingenious solution by putting them in place of Vette’s popping headlights.

vette 1

This particular C4 Corvette is still work in progress. Its 540 ci big-block Chevy V8 flanked by couple of 88 mm turbos hasn’t yet fulfilled its full potential. It’s currently on 35 pounds of boost, while it’s expected to deliver up to 55 pounds in the future. That’s when it’ll be ready for competitive drag race times, but even now it’s faster and more powerful than anything you’ll likely find on the streets. It might even end up packing similar heat as this 4,000 hp Corvette.

vette 2

It’s the witty designing skills of its owner we’re interested in here, though. It’s often tough to place the turbos next to those big-block V8’s we’re accustomed to seeing in drag racers, but this guy has really done a great job. If his Corvette has to have popping headlamps, why not making them spin and suck air as well? There’s also a video of the car below.

vette 3


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