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Turkmenistan President Bans Black Cars

White is the Now Only Accepted Color

Turkmenistan, a small country in Central Asia, has officially outlawed drivers in the capital city of Ashgabat from owning black vehicles. It is still unclear as to why the laws were changed, or why no one was really told about it. Unfortunate owners of dark colored vehicles simply found that their vehicles were missing, and learned from local authorities that a new law had been put in place.

Light and bright colors have always been favored by Turkmenistan’s government, which is made obvious by the large amount of marble and gold statues in the capital city. There still been no official word or an official public statement regarding the new law. Drivers have been finding their cars on government impound lots with strict orders to repaint the vehicles soon as possible.

The economic impact has been overwhelming. The price for a paint job in the area has doubled if not tripled in some areas. Paint jobs that would’ve been valued around 500 US dollars are now up to $1000. Mind you, this is often double what people make in a given month in that area. In order to retrieve their vehicle, owners have to sign a document agreeing to get the vehicle’s paint changed immediately.

Recent history shows that Turkmenistan has had previous issues with dark colored vehicles. As of 2015, Turkmenistan’s government prohibited any dark colored vehicles from being imported into the country. Government officials and customs agents gave no explanation for the strange and sudden ban. President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov believes that White is a lucky color, and it is thought to be his favorite color.

While it seems that black and dark colored cars are the focus for now, it is also believed that all colored cars will become illegal eventually as well.



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