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Two 5 Year Old Boys Tunnel Out of Kindergarten to Buy Sports Car

You thought you wanted that new car bad

Two young boys escaped their kindergarten by digging a hole under a fence with toy shovels. Once free, they walked a mile to purchase a Jaguar sports car.

Through a sort of Huck Finn meets “The Great Escape” experience, these two youngsters already have a story to tell their grandchildren.

The two car-loving five-year-olds attended a kindergarten together in the Russian city of Magnitogorsk, located about 900 miles East of Moscow. The pair hatched their escape plan and then spent several days burrowing under a fence in the play area, their activities going unnoticed by the staff.

inside the tunnel

Where the two boys had tunneled under the fence

They then made their move when teachers and other students were on a walk in another area of the kindergarten grounds. Their absence was not noticed for another 30 minutes, when teachers raised the alarm.

After breaking free  the pair walked just over a mile along a busy highway to a Jaguar Land Rover Range Rover dealership.

inside Jaguar night gv

The road in front of the dealership

A passing driver pulled over to check on the pair as they gazed through the showroom window.  When the woman driver asked the unaccompanied boys what they were doing, they eagerly told her they were there because they wanted a ‘grown up car’, but didn’t have any money. The woman drove the boys to the local police station, where they were found to be unharmed by their adventure.


The goal of the boy’s escape: the Jaguar dealership

The boys were returned to their parents, who did not wish to file a complaint. Regardless, the teacher responsible for the boys at the time has been dismissed.

The regional director of preschool education described the case as a “very serious violation”, and said that the school’s principal had also been given an official warning over the incident.

And the boys still don’t have their Jaguar.


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