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Two New Electrified Cars By Ford To Debut In China Market With More Models To Come By 2025

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

In our reports in January, we mentioned the venture into the electrified cars realm by Ford as one of their big strategic expansion plans, revealing seven electrified vehicles with six impending ones that are yet to hit the market. In a press release today, Ford said that they were to introduce two EVs into the Chinese market; a Mondeo sedan plug-in version and a new fully-electrified small SUV. The small SUV has only been mentioned on paper, with no car concept or model name revealed yet. The only information divulged by Ford is that it will feature in the Chinese market within a five-year period and that it will have more than a 450km-range.

In their press briefing today, Ford referred to the two creations as new, at least to the Chinese market as in the US, the car that theyre saying to be new (Mondeo) is a world version of a car that Ford is referring to as the Fusion. Hence, these two new models dont really seem to be from the herd of six that they had announced in January.

Ford also reports that the production of the cars will be done in China facilitated by the Changan Ford joint venture. The move is a brilliant one as vehicles manufactured locally in China get massive tax exemptions from the China government.

A point to note from the press release today is that the information slightly varies from the early information provided on the mysterious SUV. As per the January announcement, the small SUV was to debut in 2020 and would feature a 300-mile range. Contrary to this announcement, Ford now says that the two models will have a slightly lower range of 280 miles and that they will make an appearance into the market within five years.

Our hope is that these changes are only directed towards the Chinese market and that it will debut in other markets as early stated. We reported back in January that the Ford electrification move was welcomed but didnt have that much vigor in it; hence them pushing for earlier, worldwide releases would be much nicer and do away with later, narrower releases. Were hopeful Ford will provide us with more information on their plans for the six additional models that are to debut in the coming five years.

Ford also reiterates that by 2025, they will have electrified around 70% of their cars that will get sold in China. This is kind of in line with their ambitious claims; assuming that they actually live up to their promise and make plug additions to these designs compared to designing them to be only-gasoline-powered hybrids.

Hopefully, well get more information on Fords electrification strategy into China at a Shanghai special event on April 8th.


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