The BMW 8-Series rear 3/4

BMW announced to build a new $1.2 billion plant in Hungary

BMW, a German automaker, laid down its plans to build a new manufacturing unit at Debrecen, a town in Hungary. Over 1000 jobs would be created at this factory and the project is expected to cost more than 1.2 billion dollars (1 billion euros) On Tuesday, the company announced that over 150,000 combustion, hybrid and…

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Honda Supercharged V-Twin Patent 1

Honda Reveal Supercharged V-Twin Patents!

Honda are throwing their hat into the forced induction ring – detailed patent diagrams show that the Japanese firm are developing a supercharged v-twin motorcycle engine with direct injection. It’s all systems go in the supercharged department at the moment. Kawasaki are poised to unveil a third supercharged model in the next couple of weeks,…

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7 Chinese Motorcycle Clones That Look Like The Real Deal

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on has been on the rise for the past two or three decades. Part of the reason why the country has steered the course of success and economic growth has largely been based on its manufacturing. China is today the worlds…

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Ford Says China Growth Will Outstrip Industry Average

Earlier today I visited a Chang’an Ford dealership because my wife has determined that she needs/must have a new car, thus decimating my own car buying budget

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Who is Kandi Technologies Group (KNDI)?

On June 5 (June 4 in the USA) a Chinese vehicle manufacturer named Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. which is listed on Nasdaq (KNDI) issued a press release

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Honda To Introduce 12 Models into China by 2015

At a recent Honda China event, Honda announced that they plan to introduce 12 models into the Chinese market by 2015 including the introduction of locally made

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Just for FUN! MG3 Launched in the UK

At 10am the UK Press from motoring magazines, newspapers and TV gathered in small hospitality room within Longbridge’s engineering department. In addition

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MG UK Responds to Jeremy Clarkson

A couple of weeks ago Jeremy Clarkson test drove the MG6. Results were as expected, Jeremy derided the stop-start system, he said: It’s not bad, its

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Five Chinese Cars That Were Ahead of Their Time

Chinese cars seem to be uniamously held with suspicion in both international and domestic markets, international consumers are more than familiar with the risk

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Tesla Coming to China Soon

America’s wonder brand Tesla is planning to enter the Chinese market soon according to Chinese and English language media reports. The China Youth Daily

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China’s Tit for Tat Trade War With the EU

Reports indicate that China is planning to increase tariffs on European made cars as a means to push the EU into not placing its own tariffs on Chinese made

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Gm to Export More From China

From India’s Economic Times: GM, the biggest foreign automaker be sales in China, aims to boost its exports from the country by nearly 70 percent this

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Are Fiat Looking For a New Partner for Jeep?

At the last Shanghai Auto Show it seemed almost as if it was a ‘done deal’ between GAC and Fiat that Jeep would produce its new Cherokee at the brand new

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First Model From BMW-Brilliance ‘Zhi Nuo’ Sub Brand Sighted

Last week AutoCar aired pictures of the first car from the BMW-Brilliance joint venture’s new sub brand: Zhi Nuo. Zhi Nuo is the JV’s plans to create a range of

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Hong Qi is Back! ‘Hong Qi Halls’ to Spread Across China

Hong Qi, or rather Red Flag, are set to launch their critical new H7 model to the Chinese market tonight. The all new H7 was indepentely designed and developed

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Chery Planning New Factory in Malaysia

Chery announced yesterday a new factory with a Malaysian partner that will see two work together on developing Malaysia as an export hub for other South East

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Chinese and Japanese Brands Continue to Slide in China

Statistics from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) indicate that Chinese manufacturers are continuining to slide in April. Chinese brands sold

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50,000 EV’s on Beijing’s Roads by 2015 With 30,000 In Private Hands?

From International Business Times: Beijing plans to have 50,000 electric cars by 2015, 30,000 of which will be owned privately, the rest used as public

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Volvo’s China Production Plans Likely to Miss June Target

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on According to a recent report in China Financial Report, Volvos plans to bring their new Chengdu plant online by June maybe at risk of delay. In 2010 when Geely bought Volvo, the first step was to bring Volvo to the…

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Mechanic ‘Tests’ Lamborghini, Destroys It

It seems to be Dead Super Car Tuesday here in China today, firstly the Maserati is removed from the roads and now this Lamborghini in Kunming. The

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Sichuan Yema Does it Again – Finds Inspiration From the Lamborghini Urus

Sichuan Yema, which means Mustang, are based in Chengdu city down in South West China. The company bought in Austin Rovers Maestro platform which they put into

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