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McLaren 720S White

The McLaren 720S May be the Most Underrated Supercar of Its Time

Not Enough People are Talking About how Ridiculously Awesome this Car is

I wouldn’t exactly say that McLaren’s newest supercar has fallen through the cracks, but it certainly has taken a while for it to become a household name. Perhaps the McLaren 720S is just so technologically advanced that people don’t even consider it to be in the same realm as the Ferrari 488 and Lamborghini Huracan. Perhaps McLaren simply didn’t get the word out well enough or wanted things to stay a bit hush-hush. Whatever the case, the 720S is starting to earn the recognition it deserves.

It was recently declared Road & Track’s 2018 Performance Car of the Year, and rightfully so, and people have also been somewhat freaking out over how much power the McLaren can really put down. While McLaren estimated that the 720S was capable of somewhere between 710-720 hp, some more recent dyno tests are showing upwards of 770-800 hp at the crank.

Thanks to the guys over at Dragtimes, we get an official answer to the wheel power of the McLaren 720S: 691 hp and 547 lb-ft of torque. In the video, it is explained that when you factor in a drivetrain power loss of around 10%, that figure jumps to around 765 hp at the crank, which means McLaren has basically been underselling their prodigy supercar.

So you know how the Tesla P100D with Ludicrous keeps stomping on muscle cars and supercars in 1/4 mile races due to its unbelievable acceleration and crazy fast launch times? Well even the AWD Tesla is no match for the 720S. Check out this video where the 720S not only beats the P100D, it absolutely, positively walks the poor thing from a dead stop:

Then you take into account something like this, where the 720S takes on a Lamborghini Huracan. Again, even though the opponent is equipped with AWD, the 720S makes quick work of catching up to the Huracan before putting some solid distance between it.

And if that still isn’t enough, here is a short video of questionable quality featuring the 720S tackling not only a Ferrari F12TDF, but a freaking Porsche 918. That’s right, McLaren’s $280,000 supercar beats Porsche’s $850,000 hypercar. Now that is impressive.

What Makes the McLaren 720S so Ridiculously Awesome?

I’m glad you asked.

The McLaren 720S features a 4.0L V8 with two twin-scroll turbochargers. A twin-scroll turbo is a very sneaky way to, essentially, get the power of two turbos from just a single unit. And the McLaren has two of them.

So what is what’s basically a quad-turbo V8 good for anyway? Well, it does 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds, can tackle the 1/4 mile in around 10.4 seconds right out of the box, has a top speed of 212 mph, and at a combined fuel economy rating of 18 mpg, has surprisingly good gas mileage for a supercar. Three cheers for saving the environment via turbos!

McLaren 720S

Let’s not forget the most important thing about the 720S: it’s a McLaren. Since the days of the F1, McLaren has been a name associated with performance. A company on the cutting edge of motorsports will always have a leg up on its competitors, and the British firm certainly is that.

They proved it with the incredible P1, they’re going to prove it again with the BP23, and right now, they’re proving it with the 720S. To leave you with some specs, here are the results of Road & Track’s PCOTY test.

720S Spec Sheet


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