Unique 2015 Cars and Trucks

Published July 5, 2013

If the automotive industry was driven by conventional wisdom, then every car would look like Toyota Camry. The models would be built with front engine, front suspension, front drive and they would all look identical twins. Thankfully, the automotive mainstream industry is very competitive, and every single manufacturer tries to leave its mark by delivering something that is viable and innovative at the same time. From all of the 2015 cars and trucks that will make a debut sometime in 2014, we will take a look at the ones that are outrageous, make an impression and unique in every sense of the word.

Unique 2015 Cars and Trucks – Rear Engine and Door Jamming

Every right in mind engineer will tell you that there is no feasible reason for Porsche to develop the car engines in the back. However, just like the 2012 Porsche Carrera 911, the 2015 Carrera will continue this tradition. Even though the engineers continue to claim that the 2015 cars and trucks should all come with front engine, Porsche has been building the sports cars with rear engine for over 65 years, and surprise surprise, buyers like them just the way they are. This unique trait is what makes Porsche to be the manufacturer of the best sports vehicles ever, and the car models that are announced for 2015 will continue this tradition. However, for the 2015 we all hope that there are manufacturers who will dare to break tradition and deliver some exceptional innovations. Just think of doors. For car enthusiasts that relish uniqueness, a different style of door jamming is an excellent opportunity for making a real presence. Lamborghini is set to launch a new way of door jamming for the models in 2015, however this news is kept under wraps, so no one really can tell what kind of surprise we are in for.



Unique 2015 Cars and Trucks – Suspension

We all know what are the advantages of solid axle rear suspension – it is cheap and reliable. However, nothing beats the advantages of independent axle rear suspension. The in the much anticipated 2015 cars and trucks we all hope to see many automotive manufacturers featuring this unconventional feature. This independent rear axle suspension delivers better motion ride isolation and better handling, and this advantage is too powerful to be ignored for two whole generation of models. What we can say for sure is that Mustang will build the cars in this manner, and this is how innovation should come standard for all future models.



Unique 2015 Cars and Trucks – ECO Engines

The fusion of trucks and eco engines is very unlikely, yet the 2015 Dodge 1500 will come with one of this eco-friendly low emission turbocharged engines. Even if the other automotive makers take a few years to follow this example, we all hope that the generations of vehicles that follow the 2015 cars and trucks generation will focus more on this burning question. After everything is said and done, all we can conclude is that the automotive industry is rapidly changing, hopefully for the better.



Chris Riley
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