SRT Viper 2013

Unleashed! The 1100HP Hennessey SRT Viper.

Updated January 11, 2015

Great news in the automotive industry for the Dodge team. It seems that crew over at Hennessey Motorsport needed to get their grubby, busted knuckle, and sweaty hands on the new 2013 SRT Viper, and by the looks of things, they were aiming very high with this project.

SRT Viper 2013 The Hennessey SRT Viper is something more than just a simple project that just needed to be done. It was a well laid out plan that John Hennessey himself needed to step out from the shadows, and micro manage his team in developing something that really hasn’t been seen in a very long time. A Viper that has the potential to decimate all that dare to step into the ring with it. As we already know, the base 2013 SRT Viper is a beast all on it’s own, with that potent 8.4L V10, pumping out 640hp, and a powerful 600lb-ft of torque. This car was built specifically to contend with the likes of the Corvette, and anybody else who wanted to rumble, but now with this new package, the sky is the limit, and getting there shouldn’t take more than 2.7 seconds.

The Hennessey SRT Viper engine package is comprised of two levels, one being a so called “Tame” version, aka the 700R Package, where the power is boosted to 725hp, and some where around 690lb-ft of torque. Then there’s the Real Man’s Power Package, and this one is going by the name of the 1000R Package. Just by looking at the name, you can already tell where this is going. The 1000R package consists of a ton of work that had to be done to the Viper, such as wheels, cams, intakes, exhaust, and other technical items that I actually need to explain.




The 1000R package that comes with the Hennessey SRT Viper, has basically transformed this Viper into a potential Veyron killer. The SRT motor was blown apart, and then blue printed so as to make sure that it could handle the power it didn’t know it had coming. To start the motor was given the twin turbo treatment, in which a very large front mounted inter-cooler was needed to handle the air coming at the Viper at over 175mph. Next the engine’s internals were either replaced with lighter components, or milled to allow for more power. Fuel consumption was next on the list, and upgraded injectors were added, to the engine. The way she breathes was a factor that needed to be addressed, and so a stainless steel exhaust was custom made to fit the application. To wrap up under the hood, the ECU was flashed with a new program to help manage all of theHennessey SRT Viper 2013 madness that was going on in the engine bay. Finally the Hennessey SRT Viper received a set of lightened alloy wheels, adjustable suspension, and a rear differential cooler, to help in aiding plant the 1,140hp, and the 1,092lb-ft of torque that comes with the 1000R package. As it stands, current 0 to 60 times are at a blistering 2.7 seconds. Just .2 seconds behind the Veyron, and that’s saying something, for a RWD only drive train. These new engine modification packages are nothing more than challenges being sent out to those, who spent hundreds of thousands, to millions of dollars trying to achieve speed, power, and glory. You don;t have to spend 1.2M on a car just so you can say, I’m in the 3 second club. Just simply go to Hennessey Motorsports, and ask for the fastest thing on four wheels, and then see what you drive out with. You just might be surprised with the outcome.


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