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Updated February 3, 2017

Why a Jeep Wrangler Diesel Makes So Much Sense


For years I have be an advocate for clean burning diesels in America and I know I am not the only one. The diesel is in existence for foreign markets but not for the U.S. So what’s the deal?  We are seeing Jeep’s being built in the United States with diesel engines being shipped overseas and being untouchable by the U.S. market. One good thing about Fiat calling the shots for Chrysler is the fact that they feel strongly about the diesel engine as well. We do see that the Jeep Grand Cherokee will be receiving a diesel for 2013 which will be a 2.8 L or 3.0 L though produce around 200 hp and around 340 lb-ft of torque. This diesel engine mated to the new eight-speed automatic transmission and a stop-start function should be able to produce nearly 40 MPG’s on the Highway and a combined fuel mileage of around 35-36 MPG’s. Of course the Jeep Wrangler diesel is not going to be nearly as efficient at highway speeds but it should be able to still produce stellar miles per gallon. Frankly I don’t see why we wouldn’t see a diesel option available throughout the Chrysler lineup. This diesel could be used in many different vehicles including the Ram 1500, Dodge Durango, Jeep Grand Wagoneer, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Jeep Wrangler. This would certainly increase Chrysler’s EPA ratings as well as help lower emissions in order to adhere to rising Café standards. Plus the fact that all the forums are alive with potential customers waiting for such an engine to become available.


A new study shows that listening to your customers increases sales, who would’ve thought


For me personally I would be completely content with the diesel Jeep Wrangler as it would deliver everything I’m looking for. It would be an efficient and clean four-wheel-drive that would offer incredible low-end torque needed for climbing. One thing that I could the happening would be similar to diesel option that was available to the Jeep Grand Cherokee just a few years ago. Jeep decided offer the diesel option but only in the limited version causing higher prices therefore scaring away potential customers. Diesel buyers want to save money therefore we need to have a base model diesel Wrangler Sport, Sahara, and Rubicon model. So hopefully the corporate suits will take a second to listen to their customer base and begin to offer powertrains that we have been asking for. It would also be sweet to see a Jeep Gladiator truck built on the Wrangler four-door chassis offering a  diesel engine options.


Wait for it


It looks as though Americans will get their Jeep Wrangler diesel although it will more than likely be introduced in the spring of 2013 or later on as the 2014 model. So start saving your money now because this Jeep Wrangler diesel will certainly be a Jeep to wait for.

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