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Updated Buick GL8 to be sold alongside new MPV

Published November 22, 2010

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The new GL8 which was based on GMs Business Concept will go on the market before the years end and is based on the SGM258 platform, the older GL8 that is based on the SGM201 platform will still be sold alongside the new generation, and is getting a slight improvement in the looks department.

In recent years it has become an easy way for automakers to make extra profit by not retiring older car models when a newer model or generation comes out. This method was pioneered (and perfected) by VW who sold the Santana, the Passat, the Passat Lingyu, and the Magotan side by side for the past few years. Kia, Hyundai and Mazda do the same with their SUV and Mazda6 models basically the older version is kept on the market but sold at a lower price to attract people that are not fashion consciousness and want a cheaper car, where as the new model appeals to those that care about vanity and having the latest toys.

Pricing of the older model GL8 is not expected to change much from its 210,000rmb 2.5L V6 starting point to the top of the line 370,000rmb 3.0L V6 model. The newer model is expected to lose its 2.5L V6 for the 2.4L Ecotec DVVT engine that is taken from the Regal and Lacrosse models, this could mean a lower price for the starting model.




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