US Specialty Vehicles Rhino GX Sport Looks Like a Mad Max Escalade

This Is The Rhino GX From US Specialty Vehicles

Updated September 30, 2018

US Specialty Vehicles is a company based out of California that manufactures a military-tough armored SUV that is based on the Ford F-450 Super Duty. Actually, no military anywhere uses this, so it’s not exactly military-tough, despite the whole aesthetic that it is trying really really hard to convey. Also, it’s not armored, but it is pretty big.

US Specialty Vehicles Rhino GX 1

Despite the fact that this SUV looks like a cheap kit-car knockoff version of the Conquest Knight, it is actually an expensive factory-made knockoff of the Conquest Knight. For a mere $180,000 US, US Specialty Vehicles will take the chassis of an F-450 and ruin it for you. I genuinely cannot think of anything that this vehicle could ever do by any stretch of the imagination that could not be done better by something else.

US Specialty Vehicles Rhino GX 2

To avoid seeming needlessly negative, I can say that there are a few good things about the US Specialty Vehicles Rhino GX Sport. For instance, the smart hydraulic suspension adjusts itself depending on the terrain that the truck is travelling over. Also, the fact that it isn’t armored means that it will be easier to put it out of its misery when you look down and realize what it is that you are driving.

US Specialty Vehicles Rhino GX 3

I really do love 4x4s and I am an off-road enthusiast myself. I love the Hummer H1 despite the obvious drawbacks and I think that the Conquest Knight is pretty cool too. I would tolerate the judgmental stares and drive one of those all the time given the chance. That’s because each of those vehicles has a purpose, albeit not an extremely practical one. The Rhino really does not. It is nowhere near as capable on rough terrain as the Hummer H1 and couldn’t withstand nearly as many explosions as the Conquest Knight.

US Specialty Vehicles Rhino GX 4

The only thing it can claim is that it’s luxurious and very very big. Regarding the luxury, the interior is about as well-adorned as a 3-star hotel room in that everything looks cheap and frail but also like someone thought that you wouldn’t notice because of the wood grain. Nothing in the interior seems welcoming. The seats look uncomfortable and the fabric that makes up the headliner just spreads over every surface on the top half of the vehicle’s interior. The bottom half is covered in leather. This all matches with the whole glued-on look that makes the whole thing seem a bit half-rate.

US Specialty Vehicles Rhino GX 5

The infotainment system is pretty useful, but it does nothing to outweigh the huge drawbacks of this vehicle. It is set up with high suspension and 38″ wheels despite being too heavy to navigate over soft ground, too wide to drive through most off-road trails, and too top-heavy to drive on an incline. In mud or sand you will need to get out and air down the tires by hand because for some reason there is no on-board air system. This also means no air-lockers and no way to refill the tires easily. You could simply carry a compressor around in the trunk, but you could also do that with, you know, anything else.

US Specialty Vehicles Rhino GX 6

The V10 is barely adequate for hauling the mass of metal that the weird angular body consists of and US Specialty Vehicles doesn’t list the weight of the thing. That means it is probably astoundingly heavy and cumbersome in almost every situation.

But hey, it is really big. It is the vehicular equivalent of going to one of those restaurants that will give you your meal for free if you can consume some giant steak or burger in one sitting as a sort of challenge. Except instead of giving you a free meal, the restaurant charges you a ton of money. And the food isn’t very good. And everyone watching thinks you make bad choices.





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