V10 Viper Engine Swapped Dodge Dakota Selling For Only $23,000

Updated December 31, 2016

My only vehicle is a four seat sports car but sometimes I need a truck to get things done. I’ve seen it go there other way where friends with big vehicles feel like having the sports car experience. This Dodge Dakota with a V10 Viper engine swapped in would be the perfect solution to both situations!

The good news here is that mid sized pickups being back on the upswing in the US. This market trend puts this Dakota in a great spot to sell to meet consumer demands.

Unfortunately, Ram left the Dakota models behind in their march towards bigger and bigger production vehicles. Luckily, there are people out there still making the best of the remaining examples of the truck while the company tries to revive it.

$23,000 For A Post V10 Swap Pickup

We have a $23,000 Craigslist ad for a second generation Dakota with an exterior in fair condition. The interior appears to be in quite good shape since low mileage means it’s barely been used. The best part is that it has been massaged to replace its stock engine with a V10 from a Viper.

The truck’s odometer itself reads just over 43,000 miles while the Viper engine has only about 20,000 on it. The new 8L heart that it’s been gifted with runs its power through a six speed manual. Both were sourced from an RT/10 but there aren’t any details on the changes made to make the swap work.

Dyno Tested For Performance Numbers

According to the ad, dyno testing returned 350 horsepower and 460 pound feet of torque. There seems to be a little more loss in the truck compared to the car since the RT/10 came in around 400 horsepower. Either way, it seems like a mid sized truck that we’d love to drive and there’s still lots of room to wrench on it for better performance.

If any of our readers are out there in Idaho, we’d love to hear about this truck if you’ve seen or driven it in person! From everyone else, we’d like to hear what you think of this swap and what could be done to make it better.

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