Valet Destroys Ferrari 599 GTO

Published April 16, 2015



“I wasn’t showing off. I made a mistake and touched the accelerator instead of the brake”.

It’s just a feeling, but the valet may not be telling the whole truth about this fender-bender.

ferrari 599

38-year-old parking valet Roberto Cinti was supposed to return the $465,000 Italian hypercar from the parking garage to its Dutch owner, who was staying in the Hotel Exedra in Piazza della Repubblica, in Rome. The owner was preparing to load the Ferrari on a transporter after having previously participated in a car rally in Anzio. It was a short few hundred yards away; so close, but yet, so far.

Cinti reached the street with the light-weight, 670 hp Ferrari and started winding down the stretch of road towards the Hotel Exedra. “I wasn’t showing off”, Mr Cinti told police. “I made a mistake and touched the accelerator instead of the brake”.
ferrari 599 2

The 599 GTO smashed through the storefront of Signora Ory, a knitwear shop owned by the Astrologo’s, an elderly couple. Luckily it was 6:30 in the morning and no one was inside. Of the accident Mr. Astrologo remarked, “ They woke me up at 8 in the morning. I was running a temperature. They told me there’d been an accident, something wrong with the shutter. I thought: ‘I’ll call the repair man. It’s a bit fragile and breaks easily’. But when I got there, I nearly had a heart attack. The whole shop was smashed”.

Pictures show the destroyed Ferrari with its right front wheel torn off and the front end of the car mangled. Not surprisingly, the car owner’s insurance company is investigating the accident and it appears the nearly half-million dollar car will be a total loss.

Mr. Cinti was treated at a local hospital for shock, and minor accident related injuries.



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