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Value Edition Trim Added To Hyundai’s Veloster Line

Since it hit the market, the Veloster has enjoyed good sales because of its successful form and function combination. The Turbo models are sought after by hot hatch fans while the NA models are great commuter vehicles. Now the US will see Hyundai adding the Value Edition trim to its offerings to give more for less.

Included Features

Right out of the gate, the Veloster Value Edition comes with its set of 18″ alloy wheels and the huge panoramic sunroof. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are ready to work with the Premium Dimension 8 speaker audio system.

Push button start is included  as well as satellite navigation through a 7 inch touch screen in the dash. Rounding out the electronics is the Blue Link system which provides remote start as well as connected car capabilities.

Safety Features

While they aren’t the most exciting things to look at on a new car, safety features are an important category. Automatic daytime running lights provide visibility to other drivers. On the inside, there are six air bags for passenger protection as well as peace of mind.

Computer monitored systems include a tire pressure monitor as well as traction and electronic stability control. Active stability management and anti lock brakes make sure that the unexpected has less of a chance to come up.

Engine and Drivetrain

As with the current trim levels, Value Edition customers will also be able to choose between NA and Turbo. Both options are on the 1.6L inline four, giving 132 and 201 horsepower respectively. The torque that can be built by this front wheel drive hatch comes in at 120 and 195 pound feet respectively.

Customers will still have the choice between the dual clutch automatic transmission and a six speed manual. We’re hoping that the Value Edition add for this car doesn’t mark it for removal from the Hyundai lineup. Usually cars that get this designation see a sales boost but are still coming to the end of their production run.

Right now it represents a savings of nearly $1000 in the US market with its prebuilt bundle ready to drive off the lot. Most of the savings come from not having to check boxes to get the most popularly requested features. At the moment, the starting price for the Value Edition comes in at a reasonable $21,350.


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