Updated August 12, 2014

If you are looking for used cars, you will know, or at least have heard about Vehicle History Reports. These reports contain detailed information about the history of a used car.

What is the history of a car? It is not just, “Hey there, once upon a time, I was a brand new blue max car all set to start speeding along the Michigan Avenue in Chicago and now I am a 3-year old still in good health with only a small scratch on my left door and some trouble in shifting my gears”. A Vehicle History Report talks about every detail from title problems, ownership history, accidents and services and so on. A study report on a car’s history will trace all the incidents in the car’s past. This information is very important for people who are going to buy a pre-owned car.

Pre-owned cars are always an option that is considered, when it comes to a restricted budget in hand. Though the prices might tempt you and the looks might deceive you, don’t fall for the external beauty of the car. There are many points to be thought over before you decide upon one. Car owners and dealers might mask off all the issues to present an attractive deal. After all, when you are spending quite some hard-earned bucks of yours, you have every right to check it and make sure that you are striking a good deal. I’m not asking you to distrust the owner/dealer completely, but you should always have in mind that the chances are greater for them to prefer an upper hand in the deal. Yeah, of course, there will be some honest people who believe in fair practices.

Where do you get a trustworthy report? They are generated by online services like Carfax and AutoCheck. The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System has also been designed to help consumers stay away from illegal or fraud business.

                How to obtain a Vehicle History Report? All that you require to get a vehicle history report is the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) / Serial number of the vehicle you want to check. If you have the VIN, you can easily generate the report using any of the popular online services like the ones mentioned above.

                What is in the report? The report contains information like the following:

Title – It includes savage, severe accident, fire or flood damage, odometer problems, etc.

Ownership history – It shows the number of owners of the car, and whether the average miles ran by the car exceeds a normal rate and so on.

Accident records – It tracks accident records and losses incurred.

Services – It shows all kinds of available service records including maintenance checks.

Warranty – It shows if any warranty is still valid for the car.

Is there anything else to be done?  It is advisable to do a basic self-check of the parts of the car before you make your final decision. Yahoo news had reported a case in the latter half of May 2012, asking car buyers to be cautious of the Vehicle History Reports also. That particular case was an instance where a forged Carfax report was given by the dealer. Beware of crooked-minded dealers! Take the effort of doing your own Carfax, rather than relying upon the dealer. A small effort might help you save yourself from having to listen to the engine rattle, or watch the doors not functioning, or the brakes not stopping the car and then not being able to do much about it, rather than letting out a big sigh.

It would be even better if you can arrange for a trustworthy mechanic. If you like doing things by yourself, and you are not sure how to go about, Uno Car Dealers have a page that can take you through the process. Your interest and observation skills will help you find out most of the hidden troubles, if any.

Now that you have an idea about the Vehicle History Reports, stay wise. Go get the best option in market. Happy buying!


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