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Vehicles of The Walking Dead: Season 1

Here Are The Top Walking Dead Vehicles From Season 1 Of The Hit TV Show!

Updated October 4, 2018

The zombie apocalypse is going to suck for the cars we drive. However, every so often, a cool set of wheels will likely slip through the cracks. At least at first. Unfortunately, as gasoline gets sparse, so will the hot wheels. We are going to tackle what cars were featured in everyone’s favorite show: The Walking Dead. Let’s start with season 1.

Police Cruiser:

Unfortunately, I think we’ve all been up close and personal with one of these in one form or another. So, I’m not even gonna waist your time here.

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71 GTO Judge:

Obviously, this wasn’t a real Judge, because ain’t nobody got money for that. But, they did use a Tempest and put the right badges on the car. Either way, the car flipped and was the equivalent of a paperweight afterwards. Not a good ending for any classic muscle car.

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Okay, so nobody actually drove this tank. At least not during the course of the show. But, it did make a strong appearance, and actually saved the main character’s life. A bit of a side note, this tank isn’t actually an American tank, it’s a British Chieftain. It is powered by a 750 horsepower multi-fuel two stroke engine. Its main gun is a 120 mm cannon, and can be equipped with many different types of machine guns.

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Talk about horsepower…literally. What would this be, though? Like, one horsepower? Lame. Then again, a horse doesn’t require fuel, can be fed, and after all your friends are eaten by zombies, you’ll still have someone to talk to.

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Glenn’s Challenger:

Who could forget about the red Challenger Glenn drove back to camp from Atlanta? As he drove it home, the car alarm rang like crazy. The hemi-powered Challenger was actually a tribute to another one of AMC’s shows, Breaking Bad—though it was a totally different car. As a bit of a side note, Dodge said they had no idea that the car would be featured in that episode, but were thrilled that it was. Unfortunately, it was stripped down for parts and left for dead in the middle of nowhere.

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Dale’s RV:

This RV is likely one of the most famous recreational vehicles ever built. It was iconic throughout the first season, even though it sucked and kept breaking down. Of course, it’s an older RV, a 1973 Winnebago, to be exact. Still, you’ve got to wonder why they never picked up another one in their travels.

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Daryl’s Chopper:

Okay, so he doesn’t actually ride this bike in season 1. Instead, he totes it around with him in the back of a truck. This is the first bike used by Daryl. Actually, it belonged to his brother Merle which is why it has the Nazi symbolism on the side of the gas tank. The bike is actually a Triumph powered chopper, which only changed a bit throughout the seasons until is was eventually left at the prison later on.

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Shane’s Jeep:

Shane’s ’87 YJ was used on the show a few different times and spanned across a few different episodes. He hauled water with it, and it is probably a good vehicle for the zombie apocalypse, being that 4-wheel drive would be handy to have on tap.

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Jeep Cherokee SJ:

Nothing special here, except hauling people to and from the CDC. This Jeep was actually owned by Mr. White-Trash Woman Beater himself: Ed Peletier (Carol’s dead hubby).

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Daryl’s Ford Pickup:

The ’73 F250 did most of the hauling during season one, it was used to haul everything from dead zombies to Daryl’s Chopper on the way to the CDC. There is absolutely nothing special about this truck, other than the fact that it was driven by Mr. Badass himself. And, in fact, being that it is a Ford, it probably had to be Fixed Or Repaired, Daily.

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Ford E350:

Who could forget the episode where the gang covered themselves with zombie guts to escape Atlanta? This is the truck that Rick used to pile the survivors into.

Walking Dead Vehicles 8

1986 Suzuki Samurai:

This is the vehicle Morales went to Alabama in, to search for his long lost family. The Suzuki Samurai made a few background shots, and was never seen again. Poor guy probably had his brains sucked out through a straw.

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