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This Is Probably The Coolest Vespa Custom You’ll Ever See!

Piaggio purists look away now – because this custom Vespa may offend you.

Updated August 23, 2018

You might not guess it straight away, but this is a Vespa custom – and it’s a hell of a lot more impressive than having a few extra mirrors bolted on to the front and giving it a “we are the mods” inspired paint job. This one is a scrambler…and unlike a lot of modern scramblers, it looks like it could handle a patch of dirt without immediately falling flat. As an added bonus, let’s not forget that it’s a Piaggio Vespa, so it’s a two-stroke, which earns it extra “awesome” points in our opinion.

Check Out This Scrambler Vespa Custom!

Custom Vespa 1

If you’re not familiar with the nature of the custom Vespa scene, then you probably won’t understand why this custom build is so crazy. You see, the Vespa is a pretty iconic scooter and for enthusiasts, tampering with them is borderline blasphemous. Of course, we can all appreciate the sound of a good old fashioned two-stroke ring-ding-ding, but it’s the bodywork that most people truly admire. If you’re a real Vespa fan, you’ll leave that classic look well-alone and if you want to add any modification of your own, it might be a paint job or a sticker at best. Which is what makes this custom so awesome.

Custom Vespa 2

The mysterious builder, known only to us as “Rio 58 works” has completely gutted the engine from the Vespa and discarded the voluptuous and curvaceous bodywork in favour of a more typical motorcycle frame arrangement. The result it fantastic. Now, we have the Vespa engine on full display and mounted in a more conventional position… Personally, I’m not too crazy about the Piaggio Vespa, so this isn’t heresy in my opinion. In fact, I think it’s brilliant and that more Vespa owners should get the grinder and mig welder out and take their little Italian scooter to the next level.

Custom Vespa 3

And that’s exactly what has happened here. Thanks to some clever engineering, the builder has rigged up a rather sophisticated suspension system that features a front swing arm – in a similar (but cruder) fashion to a Bimota. On top of that, he has relocated the fuel tank from what used to be an under-the-seat arrangement to a small tank that now sits above the engine. Finally, we’ve can see a set of scrambler inspired handlebars bolted on, and a pair of chunky knobbly tires for extra grip. What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is the world’s first Vespa scrambler. Or “Vespcrambler” as it’s being called on the interweb. Although, “Vespambler” sounds better. Well done to the hard to track down Rio 58 Works for this unusual build.

Custom Vespa 4


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