Veyron As You Never Imagined It Is Stanced And Has An Enormous Wing

This stanced Bugatti will make you rethink what’s possible in a hypercar

Updated October 5, 2018

Bugatti announced the sale of its last example of the 1200 hp, 16-cylinder Veyron, which is marked by the 450th member of the family. This ended the car’s 10-year selling run at the pinnacle of automobile industry profusion. Bugatti offered a no-compromise car, an expensive superlative vehicle which was one of its kind. It is doubtful if we will ever see something like the Veyron again. Ok, Chiron delivered, so we actually can see something even better.

Tuning is not something that Bugatti cars are known for. That could be related to the excellence of the car but also to Bugatti’s success in keeping tuners at bay. From time to time Veyron’s with vinyl wraps or custom wheels did appear, but no one ever actually made changes to this unique gem.

Stanced Bugatti Render Rear 3/4

Oakley Design was the first company that decided to break this long-standing drought in Veyron tuning world. They started initially by tweaking the ECU – remapping it for increased power output. Additionally, carbon fibre has been fitted to reduce weight and make everything more awesome. Another go at the Veyron, if we can call it like that, has been taken by digital artist and their brush strokes. Namely, as soon as a ride is made, artists tend to put their own spin on the car via Photoshop or some other image-editing tool.

In the new digital age, new fads come and go easily. At the moment a mashup of supercars with hypercars is a thing. The stanced Bugatti seen in the picture is a new product of such a surrounding. Basically, this stanced Veyron is a thing of beauty but not something we will likely see in the real world. Huge wing at the back and lowered chassis and tailpipes which are very unique show a distinct look of the Veyron but it is doubtful if anyone would actually go to such extremes. Although there may never be Veyron like this, Bugatti revealed quite cool and surreal Vision Gran Turismo. It is equally mad.


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