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Veyron VS. Rimac Concept_One – An Unexpected Win

The Bugatti Veyron once held the title of the fastest street car. However, we all know that it’s been knocked off by Chiron, a wildly expensive and powerful car, created by Volkswagen to convince the world that they are not “boring” as most people would assume. The Veyron houses 1,001 hp, but Chiron has 50% more than that. About Veyron’s look, well, a lot would say it’s outdated. However, that doesn’t mean that the old king doesn’t pack a punch anymore.

Veyron is still a performance beast that is able to go 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds, being second only to a couple of modern hypercars. With all the focus that the Veyron has been given, we almost forgot about the other corner – the Rimac Concept_One.

Here’s the thing. Rimac Concept_One only established itself to win against a few hypercars on head-to-head races, unlike Veyron that has only a few true competitors. So, it’s easy to assume that this race is just a formality, right? Well, a lot of people would assume that, but this video might prove you something else.

First of all, the drag race is not very professional, nor a sanctioned one. You only have a clear tarmac and a few cones to mark the start and finish. Of course, let’s not forget the mandatory girl to start off the race. With such a setup, you might think that the Veyron will easily take this one home.

Well, the Rimac Concept_One actually won by a good margin. From the get go, the Rimac Concept_One had a bit of a head start. At lower speeds, Rimac Concept_One’s power output was also a lot better. This is not surprising as you can expect something like this from an electric all-wheel drive vehicle. It has everything to do with an electric car’s better management of individual wheel power output. Also, the Veyron’s problem with the turbo lag puts it behind even further.

In fairness for the Veyron, the outdoor temperature was not optimal. However, cold conditions also don’t help electric cars. So what’s the best resolution?

The two drivers agreed for a re-match during the summer months. Also, the venue will be upgraded to professional standards. For now, we can only wait for the “official” and sanctioned results. However, with Rimac Concept_One’s large margin, it is unlikely for the outcome to be different.



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