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The Exclusive VIBA Qora Triumph Bonneville Bobber

This Is The VIBA Qora – A $35k Limited Edition Triumph Bonneville Bobber

$35,000 might seem like a lot of money but these limited edition “Qora” Triumph Bonneville Bobber customs from the French design house VIBA are worth every penny. Very few motorcycles could push a Bugatti Type 57 SC Gangloff Atalante Coupe into the background, but this one manages to completely upstage the old Roadster. And then some.

VIBA Qora 8

This isn’t the first motorcycle we’ve seen roll out of the VIBA design house. Headed up by designer Yann Bakonyi, famous for being one half of the Roadson 1078R duo, VIBA recently created a very exclusive limited production run of MV Agusta Scramblers…but now VIBA have turned their attention to the new Triumph Bonneville platform, transforming the already impressive Brit into something that would look more at home cruising around the rugged coastline of the French Riviera. This is the Qora.

The VIBA “Qora”: $35,000. Bugatti not included.

VIBA Qora 5 VIBA Qora 6

Unlike a lot of your standard custom shops, VIBA ditch the traditional way of doing things and have swapped their wrenches and elbow grease for 3D printers and modern milling machines. The technology may be new but the inspiration comes from the golden age of good old fashioned coach building, with a heavy focus on simplicity, purity, and most importantly: elegance.

VIBA Qora 2 VIBA Qora 4

Using a combination of swooping curves and straight lines formed in alloy plastics and aluminum, the team at VIBA have managed to turn the Triumph Bonneville Bobber into something spectacular. While the intricate girder fork covers and single-piece seat might be the most eye catching features, there’s more to this build than meets the eye. Overlooked features include tailor made brake rotors from Beringer, specially lenticular milled rims, a clever, hidden front fender and a whole host of other minute details that are easily missed. However, if you were looking for massive performance gains, you’ll be left disappointed since the twin-cylinder 1200cc engine remains stock, producing 77 hp at 6,100 rpm and 78.2 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm.

VIBA Qora 3 VIBA Qora 1

When you look at all the work that has gone into it, you’ll understand that VIBA’s asking price for a Qora model – just over $35,000 – isn’t too shabby at all. In fact, it’s incredibly cheap for something so exclusive that’s normally reserved for the undeserving 1%.

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